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Is the drawer zindex too big? #11304

1 task
lucaslz2020 opened this issue Jul 17, 2018 · 6 comments
1 task

Is the drawer zindex too big? #11304

lucaslz2020 opened this issue Jul 17, 2018 · 6 comments


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  • I have searched the issues of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate.




react 16.2.0

Reproduction link

Steps to reproduce

Click create, owner, DateTime, etc. will not display correctly.

What is expected?

Other pop-up windows can be used normally

What is actually happening?

  • drawer: z-index: 99999;
  • Causes other components with pop-up windows to have problems.
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afc163 commented Jul 17, 2018

Should be same as Modal.

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Another issue for Drawer: Prop destroyOnClose prevents the closing animation of drawer.
The code pen link is same to official demo except line 33( add destroyOnClose prop).

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yesmeck commented Jul 17, 2018

@kennylbj Could you create a separate issue?

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#11307 @yesmeck

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fixed in 705e57f

bors bot added a commit to mozilla/delivery-console that referenced this issue Jul 23, 2018
317: Update dependency antd to v3.7.1 r=magopian a=renovate[bot]

This Pull Request updates dependency [antd]( from `v3.7.0` to `v3.7.1`

<summary>Release Notes</summary>

### [3.7.1](
[Compare Source](ant-design/ant-design@3.7.0...3.7.1)
- 🐞 Fix popup content can't display in Drawer component.[#&#8203;11304](`ant-design/ant-design#11304)
- 🐞 Card using `tabList` support `disabled` prop.[#&#8203;11212](`ant-design/ant-design#11212)
- 🐞 Fix Link of Anchor not sync when `href` update.[#&#8203;11287](`ant-design/ant-design#11287) [@&#8203;tangjinzhou]
- 🐞 Fix Menu component style.[#&#8203;11299](`ant-design/ant-design#11299)
- 🐞 Fix Drawer component don't have animation when `destroyOnClose` is set.[#&#8203;11307](`ant-design/ant-design#11307)
- 🐞 Fix DirectoryTree can't expand when `expandedKeys` is in control.[#&#8203;11366](`ant-design/ant-design#11366)
- 🐞 Fix Button with Tooltip under ButtonGroup style issue when Button is `disabled`.[11321](`ant-design/ant-design#11321) [@&#8203;tangjinzhou]


- 🐞 修复 Drawer 内无法显示弹层组件的问题。[#&#8203;11304](`ant-design/ant-design#11304)
- 🐞 带页签的卡片页签支持 disabled 属性。[#&#8203;11212](`ant-design/ant-design#11212)
- 🐞 修复锚点链接组件 href 改变不更新的问题。 [#&#8203;11287](`ant-design/ant-design#11287) [@&#8203;tangjinzhou]
- 🐞 修复 Menu 样式细节问题。[#&#8203;11299](`ant-design/ant-design#11299)
- 🐞 修复 Drawer 组件设置 `destroyOnClose` 后关闭动画消失。[#&#8203;11307](`ant-design/ant-design#11307)
- 🐞 修复 DirectoryTree 在 `expandedKeys` 属性可控时点击无法展开的问题。[#&#8203;11366](`ant-design/ant-design#11366)
- 🐞 修复 ButtonGroup 中使用 Tooltip 的 Button 在 `disabled` 时样式不正确的问题。[11321](`ant-design/ant-design#11321) [@&#8203;tangjinzhou]




This PR has been generated by [Renovate Bot](

Co-authored-by: Renovate Bot <>
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By default, the tooltip is created in body and because the modal is limited to the stacking context of its parent (the parent is nested in body) it will never overlay the tooltip.
More details here:

In my opinion, one of the solution for this problem is to use getTooltipPopupContainer property from Slider component and create a DOM container that is at least, on the same level as Slider parent.

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