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fix #10822 #10955


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@djyde djyde commented Jun 19, 2018

Add okButtonDisabled and cancelButtonDisabled props to disable ok button and cancel button 馃帀

They are false by default.

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ant-design-bot commented Jun 19, 2018

Deploy preview for ant-design ready!

Built with commit b4467e6

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afc163 commented Jun 19, 2018

Try okButtonProps and cancelButtonProps

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djyde commented Jun 20, 2018

ok. Changed to okButtonProps and cancelButtonProps.

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codecov bot commented Jun 20, 2018

Codecov Report

Merging #10955 into feature-3.7.0 will increase coverage by 0.02%.
The diff coverage is n/a.

Impacted file tree graph

@@                Coverage Diff                @@
##           feature-3.7.0   #10955      +/-   ##
+ Coverage          91.83%   91.85%   +0.02%     
  Files                196      196              
  Lines               4912     4912              
  Branches            1376     1376              
+ Hits                4511     4512       +1     
+ Misses               397      396       -1     
  Partials               4        4
Impacted Files Coverage 螖
components/modal/Modal.tsx 78.57% <酶> (酶) 猬嗭笍
components/anchor/Anchor.tsx 90.9% <0%> (+0.82%) 猬嗭笍

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afc163 commented Jun 22, 2018

@yutingzhao1991 娌¢棶棰樼殑 PR 鍙婃椂鍚堟帀鍚с

@yutingzhao1991 yutingzhao1991 merged commit a614a52 into ant-design:feature-3.7.0 Jun 22, 2018
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any idea on when 3.7.0 will be released with this feature? :)

bors bot added a commit to mozilla/delivery-console that referenced this pull request Jul 16, 2018
310: Update dependency antd to v3.7.0 r=rehandalal a=renovate[bot]

This Pull Request updates dependency [antd]( from `v3.6.6` to `v3.7.0`

<summary>Release Notes</summary>

### [`v3.7.0`](
[Compare Source](ant-design/ant-design@3.6.6...3.7.0)
3.7.0 is a heavy update that brings a lot of exciting changes and new features.  
Here are some highlights 鉁:
- 馃専 Add drawer component : [Drawer]( [#&#8203;10791](`ant-design/ant-design#10791)
- 馃専 Horizontal menu automatically collapses when there is no enough space. [#&#8203;11234](`ant-design/ant-design#11234)
- 馃専 Add `Tree.DirectoryTree` component as the built-in directory tree. [#&#8203;7749](`ant-design/ant-design#7749)
Component Fixes / Enhancements:
- Upgrade `rc-tree-select` to `2.0.5` for TreeSelect, refactored to fix the logic of the check.
  - 馃専 Add `autoClearSearchValue` prop to clear the value of search input when multiple select is selected or deselected. [10996](`ant-design/ant-design#10996)
  - 馃専 Add `searchValue` prop to set the value of search input. [6ff7dd8](ant-design/ant-design@6ff7dd8#diff-1e8e47abbdbe6e12d009aa61619ab22f)
  - 馃専 Add `maxTagCount` prop to set the max count of visible tags. [fb96c9d](ant-design/ant-design@fb96c9d)
  - 馃専 Add `maxTagPlaceholder` prop to set the content when the tag is hidden. [fb96c9d](ant-design/ant-design@fb96c9d)
  - 馃専 Search input now supports case sensitive search. [#&#8203;10990](`ant-design/ant-design#10990)
  - 馃棏 Remove `label` prop and use `title` prop instead in the `treeData`. 
- Upgrade `rc-upload` to `2.5.0` for Upload. 
  - 馃専 Add `directory` prop to support folder uploading. [#&#8203;7315](`ant-design/ant-design#7315)
  - 馃専 `action` prop supports to be the a function which returns a Promise object. [fd96967](ant-design/ant-design@fd96967)
- Dropdown
  - 馃専 Provide default margin for icon in the menu item. [8e60a59](ant-design/ant-design@8e60a59)
  - 馃専 Be able to adjust the menu position for the trigger mode of `contextMenu` automatically. [16e4260](ant-design/ant-design@16e4260)
- Upgrade `rc-table` to `6.2.2` for Table. [f2fddff](ant-design/ant-design@f2fddff)
  - 馃専 Add `expanded` as the fourth param of `expandedRowRender` prop to get the expanded state of current row. [#&#8203;10379](`ant-design/ant-design#10379)
  - 馃専 Add the ability to override the filter menu without the fully controlled component. [59cc3a8](ant-design/ant-design@59cc3a8) [@&#8203;chrvadala]
  - 馃専 `filterIcon` prop  supports to be a render function which returns ReactNode. [1af4392](ant-design/ant-design@1af4392)
  - 馃悶 Fix the row dislocation problem when the column is fixed. [#&#8203;10392](`ant-design/ant-design#10392)
- 馃専 Allow to pass `data-*`, `aria-*` and `role-*` props to the inner for Alert. [f0b684d](ant-design/ant-design@f0b684d)
- 馃専 Add `alt` prop for Avatar to set the text when the image is unable to display. [#&#8203;10798](`ant-design/ant-design#10798)
- 馃専 Allow to pass `data-*`, `aria-*` and `role-*` props to the inner Input for DatePicker. [e63f9d4](ant-design/ant-design@e63f9d4)
- 馃専 Add `event` object as the second param of `onSearch` prop for Input.Search. [#&#8203;11015](`ant-design/ant-design#11015)
- 馃専 Add `onBreakPoint` prop for Layout.Sider to be the callback function when breakpoint is triggered. [#&#8203;10750](`ant-design/ant-design#10750) [@&#8203;nuintun]
- 馃専 Add `okButtonProps` prop to set the props of ok button and add `cancelButtonProps` prop to set the props of cancal button for Modal. [#&#8203;10955](`ant-design/ant-design#10955) [@&#8203;djyde]
- 馃専 Add `strokeColor` prop to set the color of progress bar for Progress. [#&#8203;10725](`ant-design/ant-design#10725)
- 馃専 Add `buttonStyle` prop whose optional value is `outline` or `solid` to set the Radio.Group style. [60e3cfa](ant-design/ant-design@60e3cfa#diff-c2ee8b5a368a121e9d2cc2661212045d)
- 馃専 Add `setDefaultIndicator` static function to set global indicator for Spin. [#&#8203;10787](`ant-design/ant-design#10787)
- 馃専 Add `visible` prop to set the visibility for `Tag`. [4ac0277](ant-design/ant-design@4ac0277)
- Upgrade `rc-tree` to `1.12.0` for Tree
  - 馃専 Add `loadedKeys` prop to set the loaded nodes, which usually works with loadData prop. [#&#8203;10666](`ant-design/ant-design#10666)
  - 馃専 Add `onLoad` prop to be the callback function when all the nodes are loaded. [c488aca](ant-design/ant-design@c488aca)
- 馃棏 Deprecate `combobox` value for `Select[mode]` and please replace it with `AutoComplete`. [53046a4](ant-design/ant-design@53046a4)
- 馃悶 Cascader adds `fieldNames` and discards the misspelled `filedNames`. [#&#8203;10896](`ant-design/ant-design#10896)
- 馃悶 Fix Timeline dot not working with Tooltip. [0e3b67e](ant-design/ant-design@0e3b67e)
- 馃悶 Fix border radius when avatar has custom size. [e1e6523](ant-design/ant-design@e1e6523)
- 馃専 Add `okButtonDisabled` and `cancelButtonDisabled` props to disable ok button and cancel button. [#&#8203;10955](`ant-design/ant-design#10955)


- 馃敟 澧炲姞鎶藉眽缁勪欢 : [`Drawer`]( [#&#8203;10791](`ant-design/ant-design#10791)
- 馃敟 Menu 澧炲姞涓涓í鍚戣彍鍗曞湪绌洪棿涓嶈冻鏃舵孩鍑洪儴鍒嗚嚜鍔ㄦ敹璧风殑鐗规с俒#&#8203;11234](`ant-design/ant-design#11234)
- 馃敟 鏂板 `Tree.DirectoryTree` 缁勪欢锛屼綔涓哄唴缃殑鐩綍鏍戙俒#&#8203;7749](`ant-design/ant-design#7749)
- TreeSelect 缁勪欢鍗囩骇 `rc-tree-select` 鍒 `2.0.5`锛岃繘琛屼簡閲嶆瀯锛屼慨澶嶄簡 check 鐨勯昏緫銆
  - 馃専 鏂板 `autoClearSearchValue` 灞炴э紝褰撳閫夋ā寮忎笅鍊艰閫夋嫨锛岀敤浜庤嚜鍔ㄦ竻绌烘悳绱㈡銆俒10996](`ant-design/ant-design#10996)
  - 馃専 鏂板 `searchValue` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鎼滅储妗嗙殑鍊笺俒6ff7dd8](ant-design/ant-design@6ff7dd8#diff-1e8e47abbdbe6e12d009aa61619ab22f)
  - 馃専 鏂板 `maxTagCount` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鏄剧ず鏍囩鐨勬渶澶ф暟閲忋俒fb96c9d](ant-design/ant-design@fb96c9d)
  - 馃専 鏂板 `maxTagPlaceholder` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鏍囩闅愯棌鏃舵樉绀虹殑鍐呭銆俒fb96c9d](ant-design/ant-design@fb96c9d)
  - 馃専 鎼滅储妗嗘敮鎸佸ぇ灏忓啓鏁忔劅銆俒#&#8203;10990](`ant-design/ant-design#10990)
  - 馃棏 `treeData` 鏁版嵁鏍煎紡涓殑 `label` 灞炴ц搴熷純锛屼娇鐢 `title` 灞炴т唬鏇裤
- Upload 缁勪欢鍗囩骇 `rc-upload` 鍒 `2.5.0`
  - 馃専 鏂板 `directory` 灞炴э紝鏀寔涓婁紶涓涓枃浠跺す銆俒#&#8203;7315](`ant-design/ant-design#7315)
  - 馃専 `action` 灞炴ф敮鎸佷綔涓轰竴涓繑鍥 `Promise` 瀵硅薄鐨勫嚱鏁帮紝浣跨敤鏇村姞鐏垫椿銆俒fd96967](ant-design/ant-design@fd96967)
- Dropdown 澧炲姞鏂扮壒鎬э紝鍙互鍋氫负鍙抽敭鑿滃崟鏉ヤ娇鐢ㄣ
  - 馃専 缁欒彍鍗曢」鐨 icon 鎻愪緵榛樿鐨勫闂磋窛鏍峰紡銆俒8e60a59](ant-design/ant-design@8e60a59)
  - 馃専 瑙﹀彂鏂瑰紡涓 `contextMenu` 鏃惰嚜鍔ㄨ皟鏁磋彍鍗曠殑浣嶇疆銆俒16e4260](ant-design/ant-design@16e4260)
- Table 缁勪欢鍗囩骇 `rc-table` 鍒 `6.2.2`銆 [f2fddff](ant-design/ant-design@f2fddff)
  - 馃専 鏂板 `expanded` 浣滀负 `expandedRowRender` 灞炴у嚱鏁扮殑绗洓涓弬鏁帮紝鐢ㄤ簬鑾峰彇褰撳墠琛屾槸鍚﹀睍寮銆俒#&#8203;10379](`ant-design/ant-design#10379)
  - 馃専 鏂板鏃犻』浣跨敤瀹屽叏鍙楁帶缁勪欢涔熻兘瑕嗙洊绛涢夎彍鍗曠殑鑳藉姏銆俒59cc3a8](ant-design/ant-design@59cc3a8) [@&#8203;chrvadala]
  - 馃専 `filterIcon` 灞炴ф敮鎸佷綔涓轰竴涓繑鍥 `ReactNode` 鐨勫嚱鏁般俒1af4392](ant-design/ant-design@1af4392)
  - 馃悶 淇鍦ㄥ浐瀹氬垪鏃跺鑷寸殑琛岄敊浣嶇殑闂銆俒#&#8203;10392](`ant-design/ant-design#10392)
  - 馃悶 淇鍦ㄧ粍浠朵腑浣跨敤 `combobox` 妯″紡鐨 `Select` 瀵艰嚧鐨勯噸褰遍棶棰樸俒#&#8203;10828](`ant-design/ant-design#10828)
  - 馃悶 淇 components 灞炴у间笉鑳藉彉鍖栫殑闂銆 [c380186](ant-design/ant-design@c380186)
- 馃棏 Select 缁勪欢搴熷純浜 `combobox` 妯″紡锛岃浣跨敤 `AutoComplete` 缁勪欢浠f浛銆俒53046a4](ant-design/ant-design@53046a4)
- 馃専 Alert 缁勪欢鍏佽浼犻 `data-*`銆乣aria-*` 鍜 `role-*` 灞炴у埌缁勪欢鍐呴儴銆俒f0b684d](ant-design/ant-design@f0b684d)
- 馃専 Avatar 缁勪欢鏂板 `alt` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鍥惧儚鏃犳硶鏄剧ず鏃剁殑鏇夸唬鏂囨湰銆俒#&#8203;10798](`ant-design/ant-design#10798)
- 馃専 DatePicker 缁勪欢鍏佽浼犻 `data-*`銆乣aria-*` 鍜 `role-*` 灞炴у埌缁勪欢鍐呴儴鐨 `Input`銆俒e63f9d4](ant-design/ant-design@e63f9d4)
- 馃専 Input.Search 缁勪欢鏂板 `event` 浜嬩欢瀵硅薄浣滀负 `onSearch` 灞炴у嚱鏁扮殑绗簩涓弬鏁般俒#&#8203;11015](`ant-design/ant-design#11015)
- 馃専 Layout.Sider 缁勪欢鏂板 `onBreakPoint` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ綔鍝嶅簲寮忓竷灞鐨勬柇鐐硅Е鍙戞椂鐨勫洖璋冨嚱鏁般俒#&#8203;10750](`ant-design/ant-design#10750) [@&#8203;nuintun]
- 馃専 Modal 缁勪欢鏂板 `okButtonProps` 鍜 `cancelButtonProps` 灞炴э紝鍒嗗埆鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆 `鍙栨秷` 鎸夐挳鍜 `纭畾` 鎸夐挳鐨勫睘鎬с俒#&#8203;10955](`ant-design/ant-design#10955) [@&#8203;djyde]
- 馃専 Progress 缁勪欢鏂板 `strokeColor` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆杩涘害鏉$殑棰滆壊銆俒#&#8203;10725](`ant-design/ant-design#10725)
- 馃専 Radio.Group 缁勪欢鏂板 `buttonStyle` 灞炴 (鍙夊 `outline | solid`)锛岀敤浜庤缃 `RadioButton` 鐨勯鏍兼牱寮忋俒60e3cfa](ant-design/ant-design@60e3cfa#diff-c2ee8b5a368a121e9d2cc2661212045d)
- 馃専 Spin 缁勪欢鏂板 `setDefaultIndicator` 闈欐佹柟娉曪紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鍏ㄥ眬鐨勫姞杞芥寚绀虹銆俒#&#8203;10787](`ant-design/ant-design#10787)
- 馃専 Tag 缁勪欢鏂板 `visible` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆鏄惁鏄剧ず鏍囩銆俒4ac0277](ant-design/ant-design@4ac0277)
- Tree 缁勪欢鍗囩骇 `rc-tree` 鍒 `1.12.0`
  - 馃専 鏂板 `loadedKeys` 灞炴э紝鐢ㄤ簬璁剧疆宸茬粡鍔犺浇鐨勮妭鐐癸紝闇瑕侀厤鍚 `loadData` 浣跨敤銆俒#&#8203;10666](`ant-design/ant-design#10666)
  - 馃専 鏂板 `onLoad` 灞炴э紝浣滀负鑺傜偣鍔犺浇瀹屾瘯鏃剁殑鍥炶皟鍑芥暟銆俒c488aca](ant-design/ant-design@c488aca)
- 馃専 澧炲姞 `okButtonDisabled` and `cancelButtonDisabled` 灞炴х敤浜庣鐢ㄧ‘瀹氬拰鍙栨秷鎸夐挳銆俒#&#8203;10955](`ant-design/ant-design#10955)
- 馃専 Cascader 鏂板 fieldNames 骞跺簾寮冩嫾鍐欓敊璇殑 filedNames銆 [#&#8203;10896](`ant-design/ant-design#10896)
- 馃悶 淇鏃堕棿杞翠笉鑳戒笌`Tooltip`涓璧蜂娇鐢ㄧ殑闂銆  [0e3b67e](ant-design/ant-design@0e3b67e)
- 馃悶 淇褰 Avata 鑷畾涔夊ぇ灏忔椂锛屽渾瑙掍笉鏀瑰彉鐨勯棶棰樸俒e1e6523](ant-design/ant-design@e1e6523)




This PR has been generated by [Renovate Bot](

Co-authored-by: Renovate Bot <>
aiham added a commit to aiham/ant-design that referenced this pull request May 29, 2019
- Also remove them from the CHANGELOG because they were never actually
implemented, the prop was renamed to okButtonProps/cancelButtonProps
within PR ant-design#10955 but these prop defs were left behind and ended up
incorrectly included in the CHANGELOG.
kiku-jw added a commit to kiku-jw/ant-design that referenced this pull request Jun 14, 2019
* Add fault-tolerant processing for rowSelection.getCheckboxProps

* Upload prop onRemove: allow Promise as return type

* onDragEnter鐨勫嚱鏁板畾涔夌己灏戜竴涓猠xpandedKeys:string[]?

瀹樻柟鐨勭ず渚嬮噷鏈塭xpandedKeys, 鍙槸typescript瀹氫箟閲屾病鏈夛紝鎵浠ユ墿灞曚竴涓

* Fix docs (ant-design#16637)

* Format (ant-design#16639)

* `==` to `===`

close ant-design#16640

* fix close  animation

* Update drawer.less

* fix space missing in button (ant-design#16551)

* feat: Add Mentions component (ant-design#16532)

* init

* first demo

* support empty

* add loading support

* add form sample

* update form sample

* omit value & defaultValue

* add 2 rest demo

* placement support

* update docs

* fix test

* update docs

* add test case

* fix lint

* follow textarea style

* update docs style

* 馃拕 unified Cascader selected style with Select

* docs: Add the changelog of 3.18.2 (ant-design#16666)

* Bump 3.18.2

* fix form typescript doc

* prettier md files

* Fix stylelint errors

* Add renovate.json

* Update renovate.json

* Refined translation of St.Exupery quote 

including link to quote site

* fix horizontal divider style

* 馃啓 support ESC to close drawer

* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃拕 improve code style of Drawer

* update drawer version

* update config-provider test

* fix shouldComponentUpdate

* Upload prop onRemove: fix action

* Update dependency logrocket to v1

* 馃拕 chore some documents style

* 馃摑 update customize theme

* 馃啓 rc-drawer 1.9.3

* 馃幀 Add example for Select ``optionLabelProp` prop, ant-design#16709

* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃拕 fix emoji lint problem

* New component Descriptions (ant-design#14645)

* add new component: DescriptionList

* add warning message

* docs: fix doc typo

* feat: implement the size attribute

* docs: fix doc typo

* refactor: use new name Descriptions

* test: snapshots updated

* feat: support react15

* style: fix code style warring

* style: better var name

* style: better code style

* style: merge css class

* feat: add responsive config

* fix: fix error title

* style: use @border-radius-base

* update snapshot

* feat: set default column

* test: add test script

* style: fix property defaultProps is useless error

* style: more robust code

* style: fix codereview warning

* style: fix review warning

* use responsiveObserveserve

* fix review warning

* bug: add childrenArray copy,prevent changes to incoming parameters

* fix dom error

* fix typo

* fix test

* don't use this

* snapshot updated

* prettier md

* remove descriptions md text

* new rendering method

* doc :add dot

* style: add right border

* Update

add missing prop `showTitle` in documentation of Pagination

* adjust Carousel children change goto Logic (ant-design#16756)

* 馃摑 Add Programmatic Usage of antd colors

* update preview demo

* 馃悰 Fix Cascader displayRender not interactive

close ant-design#16738 and ant-design#10433

this bug had been fixed in bc4143f before, but it was broken by ant-design#12407

here we change another method to fix ant-design#12395

* Create FUNDING.yml

* 馃摑 Add opencollective link

* upload disabled remove

* feat: Steps support clickable (ant-design#16773)

* support clickable

* update snapshot

* update desc

* Locale (feat ant-design#16752): Added Latvian localization (ant-design#16780)

* update getPopupContainer (ant-design#16778)

since select/index.d.ts requires getPopupContainer={triggerNode => HTMLElement} but parentNode actually is not HTMLElement.

* Remove ancient prop types (ant-design#16705)

* Remove ancient Modal.propTypes.align and Progress.propTypes.size

* Remove linkRender and nameRender from Breadcrumb

* 馃悰 Fix Input parser type

close ant-design#15226

* feat: New calendar apis, headerRender method (ant-design#16535)

* added new calendar api, renderHeader now we can customize calendar header

* fixed typo for tests

* error handling for renderHeader

* covering all cases with tests

* fixed tests and change console error to warning

* fixed feedbacks and code optimization

* cleanup callback function arguments

* removed unused changes

* fixed tests

* added extra classes

* fixed some comments

* tying to fix test for remote

* tying to fix test for remote in my local machin it works fine

* tying to fix test for remote in my local machin it works fine

* tying to fix test for remote in my local machin it works fine

* updated test snapshots

* fixed comment

* fixed linting

* fixed some texts

* added header for CN and added argument types

* removed extra row

* Allow users to define where tooltips should appear on slider marks (ant-design#16641)

* feat: add disable style to upload component

* Fix the problem that the Slider's Tooltip is in the incorrect position when use modal	 (ant-design#16717)

* Fix incorrect position of tooltip when use slider

* Remove useless comment

* Reduce code

* Update

*  getTooltipPopupContainer default to body

* Public Slider's ref

* Add docs

* Update docs

* 馃拕 Correct Statistic font color (ant-design#16801)

close ant-design#15514

* docs: 3.19.0 changelog (ant-design#16796)

* add changelog

* add ant-design#16535

* update

* add missing changelog

* add ant-design#16801 changelog

* adjust description

* more desc

* more info

* change logo

* fix: mentions ts definition update (ant-design#16814)

* fix mentions ts definition

* adjust logic of Mentions

* fix: Tooltip not hidden when menu is in control mode (ant-design#16812)

* fix: Select ts define (ant-design#16817)

* fix: Descriptions warning should work as expect (ant-design#16819)

* fix warning

* add MockDate

* Fix typescript compile error (ant-design#16816)

* 馃悰 Fix typo name icons, add warning and update docs (ant-design#16818)

close ant-design#13007
close ant-design#16810

deps: ant-design/ant-design-icons#63

* docs: 3.19.1 change-log (ant-design#16820)

* update changelog

* add missing one

* 鉁 Add test case for TransButton

* fix: Tabs card vertical support scroll (ant-design#16825)

* Update util.test.js

* fix(Transfer): set state on an unmounted component (ant-design#16822)

* chore: Add warning if use `inlineCollapsed` under Sider (ant-design#16826)

* typescript: adding forceSubmenuRender as MenuProps

* 馃拕 Optimize examples code style

* Update

* 鈿 export TypographyProps

close ant-design#15190

* add onChange prop type definition to Steps

* add onChange prop type definition to Steps (ant-design#16845)

* add semicolon

* fix: add webkitRelativePath (ant-design#16850)

* fix: fix type of RcFile

* fix: fix type of action in UploadProps

* Update xhr2 requirement from ^0.1.4 to ^0.2.0

Updates the requirements on [xhr2]( to permit the latest version.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](pwnall/node-xhr2@v0.1.4...0.2.0)

* Remove okButtonDisabled/cancelButtonDisabled never used prop defs

- Also remove them from the CHANGELOG because they were never actually
implemented, the prop was renamed to okButtonProps/cancelButtonProps
within PR ant-design#10955 but these prop defs were left behind and ended up
incorrectly included in the CHANGELOG.

* 淇Breadcrumb.tsx 涓鐞唕oute.children 璺緞涓嶅

<Menu.Item key={child.breadcrumbName || child.path}>
                {itemRender(child, params, routes, [...paths, this.getPath(child.path, params)])}
itemRender(...args) 涓矾寰勫簲璇ュ埌鎷兼帴褰撳墠child.path

* fix Breadcrumb.tsx

getPath() 鍙傛暟璧嬮粯璁ゅ

* fix: use @error-color & @warning-color instead of @text-color-danger & @text-color-warning ant-design#16856

* fix Breadcrumb.tsx


* add antd pro 4.0 badge (ant-design#16894)

* Update ansi-styles requirement from ^3.2.1 to ^4.0.0

Updates the requirements on [ansi-styles]( to permit the latest version.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](chalk/ansi-styles@v3.2.1...v4.0.0)

* doc: changelog 3.19.2

* doc: changelog

* tweak: order changelog

* doc: changelog

* doc: changelog

* doc: changelog

* doc: changelog

* doc: format

* doc: changelog

* 馃摑 changelog

* 馃摑 changelog

* release: 3.19.2

* 馃悰 fixes ant-design#16871 Cascader - Space during search

* 馃敡 Add packtracker

* Remove useless type

* fix: Transfer render Empty when customize without data (ant-design#16925)

* fix: Hide Spinner of InputNumber when type is number (ant-design#16926)

* fix: Hide Spinner of InputNumber when type is number

* Firefox not obedient

* fix: Breadcrumb validateDOMNesting warning (ant-design#16929)

* 馃悰 Fix Breadcrumb validateDOMNesting warning

Warning: validateDOMNesting(...): <a> cannot appear as a descendant of <a>.
    in a (created by Context.Consumer)
    in span (created by Context.Consumer)
    in a (created by Context.Consumer)
    in Trigger (created by Dropdown)
    in Dropdown (created by Context.Consumer)
    in Dropdown (created by Context.Consumer)
    in span (created by Context.Consumer)
    in BreadcrumbItem (created by Context.Consumer)
    in div (created by Context.Consumer)
    in Breadcrumb (created by TestBreadcrumb)
    in TestBreadcrumb

* 鉁 update snapshots

* Update Breadcrumb.tsx

* 馃悰 Fix abnormal scrollbar in Chrome

when rowSelection and title work together

close ant-design#16912

* 馃悰 Fix Table header extra scrollbar control

close ant-design#4637
close ant-design#14211


* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃拕 Fix scrollbar border bottom

* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃摑 fix size toc overflow style

* 馃拕 use marginRight remind developer

* fix: test ci

* rebase

* fix: Table miss border-raidus in Firefox (ant-design#16957)

* Revert "Merge pull request ant-design#16174 from ant-design/fix-table-chrome"

This reverts commit 686c1fc, reversing
changes made to 924afc2.

* firefox only

* add comment

* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃啓 upgrade all deps to latest version

* 馃啓 fix for typescript@3.5

* 馃敡 ignore other files for packtracker

* Suppress autoprefixer warning

* add new less var

* less variable should be extended

* 鉁 Fix ci

* 馃摑 Add FAQ for DatePicker/RangePicker mode prop usage

* fix packtracker exclude_assets

* 馃悰 Fix Divider `orientation="center"` style

close ant-design#16987

* Add missing spanish translations

* Export TextProps and update english in error

* 鉁 Fix test snapshots

* Fix typo

* Update

* docs: 3.19.3 change-log (ant-design#16998)

* chore: update package.json

* fix: Table with sort should reset to first page (ant-design#17020)

* sort reset pagination

* add test case

* 馃悰 Fix margin issue of PageHeader extra

close ant-design#17025

* 猬嗭笍 Update majo requirement from ^0.7.1 to ^0.8.0

Updates the requirements on [majo]( to permit the latest version.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](egoist/majo@v0.7.1...v0.8.0)

Signed-off-by: dependabot-preview[bot] <>

* 馃悰 Fix margin issue of PageHeader extra continually

* update calendar (ant-design#17038)

* 馃拕 Keep submenu selected style

* Update index.less

* Update default.less

* Update

* Update

* 鉁 update snapshots

* 馃摑 Fix image in feedback spec documentation

* 鉁 update snapshots

* use calc to fix tree line (ant-design#17055)

* fix: add link button to basic demo of button docs

* 馃拕 adjust bordered table header scrollbar style

* 馃拕 optimize bordered table header scrollbar style

continue after ant-design#17065

* Fix grammar on message documentation

* fix: remove margin for collapse arrow (ant-design#17009)

* remove margin for collapse arrow

* change translateY to -21px in collapse

* remove line-height to center arrow

* Fixing date formats for Arabic-Egypt locale

* Update

add getPopupContainer props

* 馃悰 Fix Input not align with other components in Chrome

close ant-design#17082
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