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How to Apply for Being A Collaborator

If you had contributed to Ant Design for a long time, and you are going to contribute. You can comment in #3222, then the community will thumbs up or thumbs down. If many people think that you will be a good collaborator, we will add you to the collaborators list.

Advice for Collaborator

After you being a collaborator of Ant Design, you will get some permissions, but we recommend you to follow the following advice for a better Ant Design.

Feel free to answer and close issues

We encourage you to answer, resolve and close daily issues, help more people to use antd in correct way.

Feel free to apply labels to issues and PRs

We encourage you to apply suitable labels to them, for labels will make them easier to manage. And here is a long list of labels that we can use in ant-design.


  • Someone report a bug, and you had re-produced it locally. Just apply Bug to it.
  • Someone create an issue, and you remember that there is an similar existing issue. Just comment the existing issue's link in this duplicated issue and apply Duplicate to it.

Try to answer questions in issues & Stack Overflow & Segment Fault & Gitter

Though antd was published in 2015, it is still a new thing for many developers. Ant Design team has tried to answer every question which is asked by developers. But it will be better that all the collaborators can help those new comers.

Feel free to update wikis

We already had some wikis, but there are not perfect. And you can improve them anytime, especially for Cookbook and FAQ.

Feel free to merge PRs, such as...

  • PR which is to improve documentation.
  • PR which is to improve code style.
  • PR which is to fix bug, make sure that CI is success and test it locally.

If a PR is to add feature or you are not sure if it should be merged/closed, you can comment with +1 or -1.

Feel free to create a PR to ...

You may need to read the development guide and first.

Try not to push to master and stable branch directly

If you want to add feature for latest version(master) or fix bug in stable version([version]-stable), you can create a pull request. And we hope that you can follow tips about pull request.

But you can create/delete your own branch on ant-design anytime, if you don't want to fork it.

Improve code style

antd is developed by many people in a short time at the very beginning. So, the code style is a little... You can improve them any time. But please follow lint rules and code convention.

Improve Documentation and Demo

Any improvement is welcomed, such as:

  • Make documentation more fluently/concisely in language.
  • Make a demo more meaningful and useful in real world.
  • Fix typos
  • ...

Maybe you need to read the configuration guide first.

Fix bug of antd

If a bug report is confirmed, it will/should be tagged with Bug. If you think that you can fix this bug. Just comment in this issue and the maintainer will assign/re-assign it to you.

Add feature to antd

Here is a list of features that had been accepted by Ant Design team. If you want to implement any of them, just comment in relative issue and the maintainer will assign/re-assign it to you.


Ant Design provides certificate for core contributor. The certificate requires (one of the rule match):

  • Collaborator
  • Key feature confirmed by social


Long time unreachable

It has potential security risk for long time unreachable account. We will move inactive collaborators from @ant-design/ant-design-collaborators team to @ant-design/ant-design-collaborators-retirement team. These team will have less permissions for the repo.

And @ant-design/ant-design-collaborators-retirement will be cleaned regularly.

Remove yourself from collaborators list

If you no longer want to be a collaborator on ant-design, you can remove yourself.

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