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本地部署 Iconfont

Ant Design 默认的 iconfont 文件托管在 并默认使用平台提供的 alicdn 地址,公网可访问使用。

由于 alicdn 对部分域名有访问限制,或者需要内网环境使用,您可以参照这个例子将 iconfont 文件部署到本地。


$ npm install
$ npm start


最新的 iconfont 文件可以到 此链接 下载。

如果使用 package.theme 来自定义 iconfont 的路径无效,可以参考这个解决方案

Local hosted Iconfont

Follow this repo to host iconfont in your local environment.

Iconfont files is hosted at defaultly, you can use it for free.

Due to some domain restriction issues, or for network speed. You can follow this repo to host iconfont files in your local development environment.


$ npm install
$ npm start

Then visit .

Latest Iconfont files of Ant Design can be downloaded here:

If it is not working when you use package.theme way to customize iconfont path, you could check this solution.