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How to AppleScript in IDEA

This plugin, provides support for writing and executing scripts with an AppleScript language in IntelliJ-base IDEs.

Working with scriptable applications

  • Use predefined Live Templates: “tellap”, “useapp” and create your own:

"tellap" live templete installed applications completion

  • Use Intention Action for creating application dictionary if the application was not found:


Choose either the application bundle or application dictionary file if the application is not installed but it’s dictionary file is available (xml or sdef extensions):

choose_dictionary.png The action is also available via File menu (File | Load Dictionary).

For example, you can choose dictionary file to load when working on Windows or Linux. Running scripts will not be possible but intellisense will work:



Use other IntelliJ IDEA features while working with code:


There are still some fixes TODO:

  • parser tuning, including case-insensitivity
  • resolve for some cases with different visibility scopes in scripts
  • auto-formatting of generated dictionary file
  • code generate action for common constructs (user handlers, OS interaction scenarios, other statements)
  • your reports and suggestions


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