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Preparation of Test Server and Running Tests

Step 1. Install Docker to your host

You can look here for docker installation.

Step 2. Download DockerFile for Ant Media Server

Download Dockerfile prepared for Ant Media Test environment from here. You can download with the following command:

$ sudo wget

Step 3. Build Dockerfile

Build Dockerfile with the following command:

$ sudo docker build -f Dockerfile_AntMediaTest -t antmedia/test .

Step 4. Run Dockerfile

Run your container with the following command:

$ sudo docker run -w "/usr/local/test" --name amstest -p 8090:8090 antmedia/test java -jar loadtester.jar

Step 5. Connect to Ant Media Load Test Server within Docker

Open web browser and connect to <dockercontainer ip>:8090

Step 6. Complete configuration

Fill configuration parameters according to your test setup. - For one instance setup, both Origin Server and Edge Access Point are set with IP of the running server instance. - For cluster setup, Origin Server is set with IP of the origin server and Edge Access Point is set with IP of the load-balancer.

Step 7. Run test

Run the test and wait for the result. The result will be available in Results panel after test finishes.

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