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Publish with a Mobile App Android

Ahmet Oğuz Mermerkaya edited this page Jun 11, 2018 · 1 revision

Let’s again have a look at step by step manner to make live broadcast from Android App

Step 1 : Clone Git Repository

git clone

Step 2 : Open the Project in Android Studio

Open file and assing the Server URL to RTMP_BASE_URL. It should be in the format like rtmp://<SERVER_NAME>/LiveApp/ . LiveApp is one of the default apps in Ant Media Server. Change it if you have something different.

Step 3: Run the App

When you run the app on an Android device, below screen should appear. Click Live Video Broadcaster button
Live Video broadcaster Main Activity

You should see the below screen
Open Video Broadcaster

Write a live stream name like “test” to edit text and press the button. Screen should be like below
Android Live Broadcasting with RTMP

Ant Media Server accepts again that broadcast and can perform adaptive streaming, recording and publishing to any other 3rd party RTMP server as usual.

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