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; Assembler test for DCPU
; by Markus Persson
set a, 0xbeef ; Assign 0xbeef to register a
set [0x1000], a ; Assign memory at 0x1000 to value of register a
ifn a, [0x1000] ; Compare value of register a to memory at 0x1000 ..
set PC, end ; .. and jump to end if they don't match
set i, 0 ; Init loop counter, for clarity
ife [data+i], 0 ; If the character is 0 ..
set PC, end ; .. jump to the end
set [0x8000+i], [data+i] ; Video ram starts at 0x8000, copy char there
add i, 1 ; Increase loop counter
set PC, nextchar ; Loop
:data dat "Hello world!", 0 ; Zero terminated string
:end sub PC, 1 ; Freeze the CPU forever