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How do I handle disconnecting consumers manually? #6

jpfuentes2 opened this Issue Apr 1, 2013 · 2 comments

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I'm not seeing a good mechanism here to disconnect a consumer manually.

My use-case is this: a client will make a POST /some-route which kicks off a back-end service and allows other clients to watch for SSE on GET /events and I'm simply forwarding all output from the back-end service to the clients via es.SendMessage. I would like to close the SSE connections on those clients when the back-end service is finished.

Do you have any ideas?

@antage antage was assigned Apr 1, 2013
antage commented Apr 2, 2013

"Hard" disconnecting should be used in exceptional cases (network error, killed process, etc).
I think in your use-case you can notify consumers (via SSE message) about the back-end service is stopping. So a consumer can disconnect itself.

@jpfuentes2 jpfuentes2 closed this Apr 2, 2013
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