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Antares Project

Web Apps On Steroids With Laravel And Vue - Your starting point for ultra fast and feature-rich applications.

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  1. Antares Project Application Skeleton. This is the very first place you should start. It allows you to create a brand new awesome project in easy few steps.

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  2. 💻 Anatres Project Front-end Implementation. Create projects with clean material-design layouts, to improve user experience with fully responsive and elastic system. Object orientend javascript with…

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  3. 🔥 Antares Core Implemenation. Most important project layer, this is the heart for your app. ACL, notifiter, console, geoip, areas, utils and many more...

    PHP 23 7

  4. 🔁 Automation Antares Project Component. Hook up your module into Automation Component to easily control background processes.

    PHP 13 4

  5. 📖 Documentation of Antares Project.

    CSS 6 5

  6. 👨 Antares Users Module allows you to manage users in your application.

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