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Robot Arm - Lumezzane by Vincenzo Antedoro
released 14-02-2013
Robot Arm - Lumezzane is an open-source robot arm implemented for teaching
machining and electronics at secondary school in Italy by teachers V. Antedoro
and A. Albero.
Robot Arm - Lumezzane can be used to develop many others robot implementation.
For more information, see the website at:
To contact the author, go to:
Most files are generated with commercial 3D CAD software SolidWorks 2010.
All files will be converted to more open formats. Of each drawing will also
released the pdf file. The electronics will be published later.
Robot Arm - Lumezzane is an open source project, supported by students of
I.I.S."P. Levi" Sarezzo (BS) - Italy.
The Robot Arm - Lumezzane team is composed of Vincenzo Antedoro, Antonio Albero,
Awais Tarik Akthar, Simone Bonetti, Marco Cerutti, Fatjon Konci and Andrea Polonini.