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Follow this guide to write an Ante Test and submit a PR.

Suggest test ideas or ask questions in Discord.

Learn about Ante: | Twitter | YouTube

Contribute to the community repository

Set up your local environment

  1. Install Node and NPM (Instructions)

    Make sure to use Node version 14 or higher and NPM version 6 or higher
  2. Fork the ante-community-tests repository by clicking the Fork button in the upper right hand corner of this page, then clone your fork to your local machine with

    git clone[YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME]/ante-community-tests.git
  3. Install all required packages

    npm install --save-dev
  4. Copy the file .env.example to a new file named .env (cp .env.example .env) and edit it to fill in required values:

    1. To run the testing suite, you'll need a free Alchemy API key (after creating an account, you can copy it from
    2. To deploy contracts, you'll need a free Infura API key as well as a mnemonic/private key (if you do not have a mnemonic you can use test test test test test test test test test test test junk)
    3. To verify deployed contracts, you'll need free block explorer API keys (e.g. Etherscan)
  5. Install Foundry (Instructions)

Write your Ante Test

Write an ante test for your desired protocol and put it in a file called ./contracts/[PROTOCOL_NAME]/[YOUR_TEST_NAME].sol. For more information on writing Ante Tests, see our docs. Ask questions in Discord!

Test your Ante Test (Optional)

We recommend writing unit tests to make sure your Ante Test works. Unit tests live in the test directory.

Using Hardhat

  1. Create a file in the ./test/[PROTOCOL_NAME] folder with filename [YOUR_TEST_NAME].spec.ts

  2. Fill in the NETWORK fieldin your .env file with the network you intend to test on.

  3. Run the following command:

    npx hardhat test test/[PROTOCOL_NAME]/[YOUR_TEST_NAME].spec.ts

    Troubleshooting: If you are trying to run the testing suite with npx hardhat test, you must run npx hardhat typechain first to avoid an error where hardhat cannot find the typechain directory

    Troubleshooting: If you run into an error about hardhat-foundry (eg "Error in plugin hardhat-foundry: Couldn't run forge. Please check that your foundry installation is correct.") you may need to run yarn add --dev hardhat-foundry

Using Foundry

  1. Create a file in the ./test/[PROTOCOL_NAME] folder with filename [YOUR_TEST_NAME].t.sol

  2. Use forge test to run all Forge tests, or run a specific test with:

    forge test --match-path test/[PROTOCOL_NAME]/[YOUR_TEST_NAME].t.sol

Submit a PR

  1. Push your code to your own GitHub repo and create a pull request against this repo

  2. Show off what you've built in our discord or tweet your PR at us on twitter!

  3. Once your PR has been merged in, feel free to deploy your test and pool!

    VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure to get feedback from our community before deploying your Ante Test to mainnet! Testing and feedback are the best way to catch bugs early (and avoid wasting gas).


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