Argon2 library compiled for browser runtime
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Argon2 in browser

Argon2 is a password-hashing function, the winner of Password Hashing Competition. Here, Argon2 library is compiled for browser runtime.

Live demo

More about Argon2

The numbers

⚠️ they are quite old, WebAssembly is better now

To cut it short, here are the numbers.

Code run time:

hot run

Init time + first run time:

load & first run

Numbers in table (ms, lower is better)

Load First Use Second Use
Native -O3 SSE 0 90 90
Native -O3 0 140 140
Native -O1 0 300 300
Native -O0 0 750 750
Chrome asm.js 100 7500 6800
Chrome WASM 350 1700 1650
Chrome PNaCl 1500 200 200
Chrome Interpret s-expr 1000 1650000 1650000
Chrome Interpret binary 800 1800000 1800000
Firefox asm.js 360 1850 1700
Firefox WASM 400 1750 1650
Safari asm.js 100 7500 6900
IE11 asm.js 100 52000 47000
Edge asm.js 65 19500 18000
Edge +asm asm.js 100 2900 2850

Test Environment

Environment used to get the numbers above:

Algorithm parameters (-d -t 100 -m 10 -p 1):

  • iterations: 100
  • memory: 1MiB (1024 KiB)
  • hash length: 32
  • parallelism: 1
  • argon2d


  • MacBook pro, Intel Core i5, 2.5GHz (x64)
  • Chrome 55.0.2843.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit), V8 5.5.1
  • Firefox Nightly 51.0a1 (2016-08-29)
  • IE11 and Edge on Windows 10 (x64, Bootcamp)
  • native argon2 compiled from @4844d2f

Code size

It's hard to measure WebAssembly code size because the project is not finished yet and the size of wrapper is rather large. So, we measure only binary file size (.wasm).

code size

Code size, kB Comment
asm.js 109 complete
WebAssembly 43 only .wasm
PNaCl 112 .pexe

Is Argon2 modified?

Put it simply, it's the same. Some changes were added, though, required to cope with WASM issues. You can always compare it with the original argon2 to check.


Argon2 is using uint64, which is not supported by JavaScript. This function is called ~30M times per one iteration:

uint64_t fBlaMka(uint64_t x, uint64_t y) {
    const uint64_t m = UINT64_C(0xFFFFFFFF);
    const uint64_t xy = (x & m) * (y & m);
    return x + y + 2 * xy;

And this one:

uint64_t rotr64(const uint64_t w, const unsigned c) {
    return (w >> c) | (w << (64 - c));

In C++, we can make use of SSE for 64-bit arithmetics. In JavaScript, when no 64-bit unsigned long type is available, different engines have different time penalties of this operation.

WASM can support 64-bit integers but it requires compilation with LLVM, and not as asm.js => wasm. But this build is producing bad wasm for now. A simple experiment can be found in perf-test.c: compiling it with i64 support in LLVM gives us 4x boost.

JS Library

Until WASM is mature, js library is using only asm.js. Here's how to try it.

Install with bower:

bower install argon2-browser

Add script to your HTML:

<script src="bower_components/argon2-browser/lib/argon2.js"></script>

Calculate the hash:

argon2.hash({ pass: 'password', salt: 'somesalt' })
    .then(h => console.log(h.hash, h.hashHex, h.encoded))
    .catch(e => console.error(e.message, e.code))

Bring your own bundler and promise polyfill.
Other parameters:

    // required
    pass: 'password',
    salt: 'salt',
    // optional
    time: 1, // the number of iterations
    mem: 1024, // used memory, in KiB
    hashLen: 24, // desired hash length
    parallelism: 1, // desired parallelism (will be computed in parallel only for PNaCl)
    type: argon2.ArgonType.Argon2d, // or argon2.ArgonType.Argon2i
    distPath: '' // asm.js script location, without trailing slash
// result
.then(res => {
    res.hash // hash as Uint8Array
    res.hashHex // hash as hex-string
    res.encoded // encoded hash, as required by argon2
// or error
.catch(err => {
    err.message // error message as string, if available
    err.code // numeric error code

Node.js support

Of course, you can use generated asm.js code in node.js but it's not sensible: you will get much better speed by compiling native node.js addon, which is not that hard. Wait, it's already done, just install this package.

Is it used anywhere?

It is! KeeWeb (web-based password manager) is using both asm.js and WebAssembly Argon2 implementations. Check out the source code, if you're interested.


You can build everything with



  • emscripten with WebAssembly support (howto)
  • PNaCl sdk
  • CMake