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Welcome to the antelope_contrib wiki!

This git repository stores source-code maintained by the Antelope Users Group. For more information on the Antelope Environmental Monitoring System, see Boulder Real-Time Technologies, Inc..

If you just want to get a one-time snapshot of the Antelope contributed code, see Downloading the Antelope contributed-code. If you’d like a copy of the Antelope contributed-code that you can keep updated with the latest changes, try Cloning the git repository of Antelope contributed-code. If you’ve already been keeping a copy of the Antelope-contrib code base checked out from the legacy CVS system, start with Switching from CVS to Git as a Read-only User. If in addition to downloading code you also want to be able to submit modifications via git, follow the instructions for Setting up to modify Antelope-contrib via git.

Additional support for using Antelope is available on the BRTT Support Page (free registration required)