Cloning the git repository of Antelope contributed code

antelopeusersgroup edited this page Sep 13, 2010 · 2 revisions

To get an updatable copy of the Antelope contributed-code repository on your system, first make a place for the new Git repository copy and cd into it, if you don’t have one and/or haven’t done so already:

% mkdir $ANTELOPE/src
% cd $ANTELOPE/src

Make sure you have the ‘git’ source-code management tools from installed on your system. Now clone a copy of the Antelope-contrib git repository onto your own machine:

% git clone git:// contrib

That’s it! If you want to compile the entire distribution, type

% cd contrib
% make Include
% make install

If you want to update your checked-out copy of the source-code with the most recent editions to the Antelope contributed-code repository, use the ‘git pull’ command:

% cd $ANTELOPE/src/contrib
% git pull

Be aware that the latest release may contain modifications that are under development, or intended for newer releases of software than what you have installed on your system.

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