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  • bugfix: fastClicks option check fixed

  • new option added: triggerChange


  • new option added: allowEmpty

  • new option added: emptyValue

  • bugfix: accept empty string in set method (@kzmi, #85)

  • bugfix: little CSS fix (@bygiro, #74)

  • bugfix: syntax error within example in documentation (@sorter, #72)

  • added optimal travis config (@amilajack, #71)



  • deprecated wrapperClass option removed

  • readonly ratings - cursor: default rule added to all themes

  • support for displaying of fractional star ratings (2.5, 3.7, 4.9) - fractional ratings will be marked with br-fractional and br-fractional-* classes (where * is 10, 20, 30...)

  • reset select field when ratings are cleared

  • deselectable option added


  • license file added

  • bugfix: when using "set" method the colors are reversed (@hrishiballal, #59)

  • update selected rating value when tabbing (fixes issue #51)

  • bugfix: click doesn't fire onSelect after changing readonly to true and then to false (@zimarai, #54)


  • new option added: silent

  • readonly method added

  • namespaced events

  • rating widget - redundant span elements dropped

  • wrapperClass option deprecated

  • pass event object to onSelect callback

  • print styles added

  • new option added: hoverState


  • AMD and CommonJS compatibility

  • FAQ section added to the docs

  • triggering onSelect callback when using set method


  • themes for basic stars in flavors for css, fontawesome and bootstrap (@garygreen, #35)

  • switch to using karma and phantomjs for testing (@garygreen, #37)

  • gulp tasks added

  • minified version with source map file stored in dist directory


  • new & improved demo page

  • plugin will create a wrapper div by itself

  • new option added: wrapperClass

  • new option added: fastClicks


  • vertical rating example

  • bugfix: Knockout doesn't recognize values set by the widget unless we call change() on the select tag. (@akshaykarle, #25)

  • documentation updated with detailed installation instructions

  • set method added

  • bugfix: onClear and onDestroy callbacks fixed

  • allow html in ratings (fixes issue #30), thanks @techmantoolz


  • bugfix: selected option changed by propterties, not attributes (fixes issue #7)

  • initialRating setting added

  • prefixed class names:

    .bar-rating changed to .br-widget

    .current-rating changed to .br-current-rating

    .active changed to .br-active

    .selected changed to .br-selected

    .current changed to .br-current

  • read-only and reversed rating marked with .br-readonly and .br-reverse classes respectively

  • bugfix: removed touch detection - improved cross-browser compatibility (fixes issue #11)

  • bower.json added


  • readonly setting added
  • reverse setting added


  • destroy method will destroy a single instance of the plugin
  • clear method added
  • onClear and onDestroy callbacks added


  • .current-rating div gets updated on mouseenter


  • new scenario: empty ratings are allowed, user can deselect a previously selected rating (@linko, @antennaio, #2)

  • the plugin will throw an error if called on anything other than select field

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