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base fork: antennapedia/otwarchive
base: a8fd770b2a
head fork: antennapedia/otwarchive
compare: 39bf3ef123
  • 7 commits
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Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@elzj elzj Fixing common piwik nil error causing 500 errors 2d3838f
@CristinaRO CristinaRO Merge pull request #378 from elzj/piwik-500
Fixing common piwik nil error
Antennapedia Pass the redis configuration to the initializer as a hash read
straight from the yaml file, instead of as a string that must be
split on :. This allows us to specify a database index to use,
instead of simply falling back to the default 0 database.

Update the redis example configuration to match.
Antennapedia A refinement to the hash-only redis config parsing: if the result
of the yaml parse is a hash, pass the hash untouched. If it's
not, assume it's a string and split exactly as before. This allows
older config files to work untouched, while letting me continue to
use a single redis installation for several projects.
Antennapedia Use the syck yaml engine for now.
Psych doesn't handle symbols in yaml, and there are symbols all over
the localization files. See
t-handle-symbols-in-yaml-used-in-activesupport for a discussion.
Antennapedia Tabs to spaces. fdba553
Antennapedia Merge branch 'master' into redis-config-as-hash 39bf3ef
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  vendor/plugins/piwik_analytics/lib/piwik_analytics.rb
2  vendor/plugins/piwik_analytics/lib/piwik_analytics.rb
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class Config
def self.enabled?(format)
#raise PiwikAnalytics::PiwikAnalyticsConfigurationError if id_site.blank? || url.blank?
- environments.include?(Rails.env) && formats.include?(format.to_sym)
+ environments.include?(Rails.env) && format.respond_to?(:to_sym) && formats.include?(format.to_sym)

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