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A microblogging web app dedicated to that song that is stuck in your head.
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Earworm is a microblogging web app the primary purpose of which is to share with a community the song each user has had stuck in their head.

Users can:

  • Create accounts
  • Log in/Log Out
  • View all songs, one song, or songs by user
  • Post, edit, and delete songs
  • Add and delete comments


Earworm is hosted on Heroku here.

Demo user account

If you're not sure about making your own account on our app to see full CRUD, feel free to use this account:

  • User: guest
  • Password: pw


Earworm is a MEAN full-stack application using the MVC file structure (Models, Views, and Controllers).

Languages and databases



We worked really well together as a team. Using Trello to track our tasks and communicating clearly and frequently really helped us accomplish a lot as a team. When one of us was stuck on an issue, we often pair or trio programmed together to figure it out.

Room for growth

We would love to have Spotify embeds working on our application at some point. Currently user permissions allow any logged in user to edit or delete posts or profiles posted by any other user. Also we would love to have more robust user profiles to include pictures and bios, but we would need full CRUD on our users model for that.


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