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CCNotify Logo

CCNotify is a Chrome browser extension than monitors the projects built using the Web Interface for completion of the build.

CCNotify notification examples

The plugin comprises of 2 components; a content script & a background script. The content script is a minimal script injected into web pages that when recognised as the UI will watch for builds triggered by the user and notify background script of any builds (via messaging).

The background script continually runs in the background and is as minimal as possible, when a project is


Using NodeJs & npm, install the dev dependencies (1 time only) using:

npm install

Gulp Build tasks

  • build Compiles all scripts and moves all assets to output directory
  • build-ts Compiles all ts scripts
  • build-content Compiles the ts content script
  • build-background Compiles the ts background script
  • build-assets Moves png & manifest.json files to the output directory
  • release Cleans the bin & recompiles, increases release version & zips the results
  • clean Removes the output directory

Installing the dev version

In Chrome, go to the extensions screen (chrome://extensions/) and check the Developer mode checkbox. Now using the Load unpacked extension... navigate to the src/.bin directory of your working copy of the repository & simply click OK.