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A bunch of Anthill Services combined together for development purposes
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Hack In

This branch is made for the purpose of development of the anthill itself.

Mac OS X

To setup minimal development environment on Mac Os X, you will need:

  1. Install PyCharm (Community Edition is fine)
  2. Clone this branch, including all submodules
git clone -b dev
cd anthill-dev
git submodule update --init --recursive
  1. Run installation script
cd dev/osx

It would take awhile (up to several hours). This will install Homebrew, and Homebrew will install all of the required components.

  1. Open cloned repo in PyCharm.

  2. Setup the Project Interpreter. To do that, go to Preferences, select Project Interpreter, select Show All from the dropdown, hit "+", select Add Local, and feed it with /usr/local/venv/dev/bin/python.

  3. Select all run configuration, hit Run

  1. Open http://localhost:9500 in your browser
  2. Press "Proceed", login using username root and password anthill. You should see something like this:

Happy coding!
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