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Puppet modules for Anthill Platform
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Puppet modules for Anthill Platform

This repository contains a list of Puppet modules (along with dependencies) that are required for Anthill Platform to run on your server.


To install the main module (required), add these lines to your Puppetfile:

mod 'anthillplatform-anthill',
    :git => '',
    :path => "modules/anthill"

To optionally install a module for certain service, add these lines:

mod 'anthillplatform-anthill_<service>',
    :git => '',
    :path => "modules/anthill_<service>"

For example, to additionally install a module for login service, add these lines:

mod 'anthillplatform-anthill_login',
    :git => '',
    :path => "modules/anthill_login"

Please see a Puppetfile example file on how to install all the modules.

How to manage Puppetfile

You need Librarian Puppet to manage Puppetfile. Install Ruby on your machine, install gem install librarian-puppet and just do librarian-puppet install in the repository folder.

Alternatively, you can install Hiera Editor and then simply open the repositorin in it, the editor will setup everything automatically.

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