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Puppet Development environment for Anthill Platform
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Puppet Development environment for Anthill Platform

This repository contains a simple "proof-of-concept" environment that is required to test necessary Puppet Modules for Anthill Platform.

How To Setup

You need Librarian Puppet to setup this repository. Install Ruby on your machine, install gem install librarian-puppet and just do librarian-puppet install in the repository folder.

Alternatively, you can install Hiera Editor and then simply open the repositorin in it, the editor will setup everything automatically.

Project Structure

It consists of a two main parts:

The environments/ folder

This folder contains all of your environments you need. For example, you may need two environments: dev for a development and early-testing of new features and production for actual production releases.

Every environment folder should have such structure:

                * other keys *

File manifests/init.pp is the main configuration file for the environment. According to the Puppet language, it tells which service belongs to each node. Please see Puppet Configuration for details.

The submodule modules/keys is a special module for your private keys. Anthill Platform uses asymmetric cryptography to authenticate users. To do so, an encrypted private/public key pair should be generated (anthill.pem and from the example above).

Please see How To Generate Keys for a simple instruction on how to generate your keys.

The modules/ folder

This folder contains all modules Puppet needs, including modules for Anthill Platform itself, and some external modules from open-source developers.

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