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Bordeaux 3d

A project to visualize Bordeaux and the CUB in 3D. Based on Open Data.

This project is the core of Bordeaux3D. It contains the core features:

  • Tools to process the raw data and prepare it for efficient server->client transport
  • Server-side serving the 3D objects (using currently)
  • index.html file
  • Three.js scene creation
  • Client-side scripts to load the data for the 3D objects and add them to the Three.js scene
  • Client-side API

Everything else should be features added that interact with the client-side API.

  • Lights
  • Shadows
  • Cameras

Entry points

There are three main entry points to this project:

  • tools/unzipCUB3ds.js a batch script to unzip and process the 3D open data in .3ds format (explanations below) ** exposed as unzipCUB3ds binary in package.json
  • server/index.js server-side of city-core (handling both HTTP and websockets endpoints) ** exposed as city-server binary in package.json
  • front/index.js client-side library to be used by city-core clients to interact with the server and the 3D WebGL scene ** exposed as main in package.json (to be require()'d)

How to make this all work

  1. Get the 3D data
  • Right now the 3D data has to be downloaded via the dedicated GUI. Once you have it, put it somewhere. It should be a .zip archive named or equivalent.
  • Altitude data in CSV format can be found in the CUB data website (under "découpage des dalles 3D"). They should be put under data/DALLAGE_3D.csv.
  1. git clone the project

  2. npm install

  3. Extract all the buildings and metadata in front/data:

node tools/unzipCUB3ds.js --out front/data --zip path/to/3Ddata/

It should take about 2-3 minutes per exported "dalle" in normal hardware. This will extract all the buildings and other 3d objects from the open data in .3ds format. It will create thousands of binary files in front/data/ as well as a file names metadata.json.

npm run build
npm run start-dev
  1. Open http://localhost:9000


  • explain client-side hard dependencies : ** ES6 Map, Set and WeakMap are hard dependencies. The client-side library won't work without them. Either require a browser with them or use a polyfill like harmony-collections ** need to hardcode a couple of glsl framents inline in the HTML with ids sky-vertex and sky-fragment. ** Hardcoded front/img/sky.jpg file


  • common/ ** things in common, like meshType.js
  • data/ ** altitude data
  • example/ ** example of code using this repo
  • front/
  • img/ ** for sky.jpg for now
  • test/
  • tools/
  • server/


npm run watch
npm start




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