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Open-data is often not in an appropriate format. When it is the case, hackers like ourselves need some efforts to clean it. Each folder contains:

  • a README explaining waht dataset is being cleaned, what are the outputs etc
  • a makefile to download the original data
  • scripts to run the moulinette

Don't hesitate to contribute.

Cleaned datasets

  • insee-iris converts all the Insee IRIS shapefiles encoded in Lambert 93 into a single geojson file encoded with longitude/latitude.

  • insee will download all the datasets of the INSEE at the iris level and cleanly aggregate them in on single csv file.

  • weather_forecast to have four days of weather prediction (only for Switzerland, France and Belgium) asked for a city.

  • caf will download all the datasets from caf open-data at the city level and cleanly aggregate them in on single csv file.

  • impot_locaux will download all files from elements of local taxation at city level.


We made a workshop to show how we can visualize and query these datasets with elastic search and kibana.