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BioE Python Guide

Welcome to the BioE Python Guide! This is a resource to intrdouce students to working with Python in Jupyter Notebooks and/or Google Colab. This guide is adapted from BioE 103, BioE 279, BioE 300b, and materials from Justin Bois.

How to Use this Guide

This guide is split into a series of different modules focusing on different aspects of Python and the notebook enviornment. Each module will consist of a Google Colab notebook and/or a subpage that you can follow. Each Google Colab notebook is interactive and can be saved/edited for your own use. In addition to providing examples, there are optional exercise examples within these modules that you can use to test your understanding.

Python Reference Sheet

If you're looking for a quick reference sheet for common questions and examples, click here.

Python Fundamentals

  1. Setting Up Your Environment
  2. Working with the Command Line
  3. Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks/Google Colab
  4. Basic Types and Variables
  5. Data Collections: Lists, Dictionaries, and Sets
  6. Control Flow: For, If, While Loops
  7. Functions
  8. Plotting with Python: An Introduction to Matplotlib

Additional Techniques and Tips

  1. Advance Techniques: Vectorization
  2. Debugging Tips

BioE 80 Modules

  1. Dancing Droplets


Introductory resource guide for Python programming made for the Bioengineering department at Stanford University.