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PHP wrapper class for the Google Places API

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Added the ability to sort results with the rankby parameter when used…

… in conjunction with a name keyword, type, type parameter using the search, nearby search, radar search or details search types.
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PHP wrapper for using the Google Places API. Based on the GPLV2 class created by André Nosalsky.



$apiKey       = 'Your Google Places API Key';
$googlePlaces = new googlePlaces($apiKey);

// Set the longitude and the latitude of the location you want to search near for places
$latitude   = '-33.8804166';
$longitude = '151.2107662';
$googlePlaces->setLocation($latitude . ',' . $longitude);

$results = $googlePlaces->Search();

A search query can be run again for a fresh set of results using the "paging" functionality that was recently added to the API.

To use simply perform a place search as per normal, and then call the repeat method afterward with the 'next_page_token' element returned by the first search eg.

$firstSearch = $googlePlaces->Search();

if (!empty($firstSearch['next_page_token'])) {
    $secondSearch = $googlePlaces->repeat($firstSearch['next_page_token']);

The repeat function can be used twice for each search function allowing up to 60 individual results for each search request.

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