PHP script that will recursively compress all .png images under a directory path using the API
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PHP script that allows the recursive compression of all PNG images that are found beneath a directory using the API.

The script is built upon the CURL API usage example that can be found on the API reference page ( ).


  • A PHP install with the CLI & CURL modules
  • A Linux / Unix type OS with access to the command line

Basic Usage

  • Got to and add your email address to subscribe and they will send you an email with a link. Click on this to get you API key for the service.
  • Edit the png_crush.php file and add your API key to the define statement on line 10.
  • Change line 11 to the full directory path of your project or image store containing the PNG files you would like to compress.
  • Save the changes.
  • In a terminal window make sure the png_crush.php file is executable i.e chomd +x png_crush.php
  • Start the compression process by running the script from the command line i.e php png_crush.php


  • The free tinypng pricing plan allows for compressing 500 png images per month so if your a heavy user you may need to switch to a paid plan.
  • The compression process on each image takes 10 - 15 seconds per second. So the process may take a long time to run to completion if your project contiains alot of PNG images.
  • On average with the projects I have used the script on I have the compression process reduced the total file size of the images by 70 - 75%.