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Hackathon: Hack the North 2017 Project | We came together as four individuals, passionate about sound, music, and digital-audio. We developed Muvïc in 36 hours!
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You play, Muvïc moves

💡 Inspiration

Flipping through music sheets is incredibly annoying. A person has to take their hand off an instrument to turn the page and often loses their spot. Musicians desperately avoid ever having to turn a page.

One day we thought "how can we solve this problem? How can we avoid using our hands to turn a page?" and the idea for Muvïc was born.

We came together as four individuals, passionate about sound, music, and digital-audio. We developed Muvïc in less than 36 hours! This beautiful web-application that uses face-recognition algorithms to scan for facial cues and turn the music sheets at the appropriate moment.

💪 How It Works

Muvïc lets a user select a pdf of sheet music from their account collection. What if a user wants more sheet music in their collection? Muvïc lets a user upload their own PDFs or explore sheet music available for download from the shop.

Once a user has selected a piece to play Muvïc will ask for access to the device's camera. Once Muvïc recognizes a user's face, they will be able to use facial cues to move through the music sheets. It only takes an eyebrow raise to move forward.

Alternatively, users have the option to play with a measure tracker and a metronome to move at the same rate the song is supposed to be played.

You play, Muvïc moves.

Try it now: Muvïc

🔑 Key functionalities

  • Moves through sheet music using facial recognition algorithms
    • Raise eyebrows to move forward
  • Holds xml sheet music collections
  • Upload music XMLs
  • Metronome based on time signature
  • Measure tracking

👨‍💻 Important Technologies, APIs and references

  • FireBase - Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform

  • Affectiva Affedex API - Affectiva is an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT's Media Lab which has developed a way for computers to recognize human emotions based on facial cues or physiological responses

  • AJAX - AJAX is a set of Web development techniques using many Web technologies on the client side to create asynchronous Web applications

  • pdf.js - pdf.js is a JavaScript library intended to render PDF files using the HTML5 Canvas for a safer and web standards compliant web browser rendering of PDF files.

Devpost Submission

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