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This plugin lets you freeze Merb and run it using the frozen gems.

Why would you want to freeze Merb?

  • You might have multiple applications on the same server/slice/cluster. Different applications might require different versions of Merb.

  • You might work with a team of developers and want everyone to be using the same Merb version.

  • You are using Merb Edge, you want to make sure the production server and your co workers are developing/testing against the same revision.

What are your options?

  • You just want to lock your app to a specific version. For instance version merb-core 0.9.3

  • You only want to use frozen gems located in /framework or /gems

How to lock your app?


How to use frozen gems

Instead of starting merb by typing "merb" in your console, type "frozen-merb" and that's it :) If frozen-merb can't find frozen gems in /framework or /gems then Merb will start normally using the system's gems.

You can also specify the path to use to start your frozen app by passing --merb-root or -m argument and the path to your app. (for god/monit scripts for instance)

How to freeze your gems?

In your init.rb file, require this plugin.

require 'merb-freezer'

You now get a new set of rake tasks:

rake freeze:core            # Freeze core from git://
rake freeze:more            # Freeze more from git://
rake freeze:plugins         # Freeze plugins from git://

You can freeze components using 2 modes, Git Submodules or rubygems:

rake freeze:core MODE=rubygems

or rake freeze:core MODE=submodules (default mode)

Wait, that's not it, you can also update your frozen gems using UPDATE=true:

rake freeze:core UPDATE=true

What about your other gems? Same thing, you can do:

rake freeze:gem GEM=merbful_authentication


rake freeze:gem GEM=git://

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