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Third-party JavaScript - the code

This repository contains companion source code to Third-party JavaScript, written by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov and available via Manning Publishing.

The examples correspond to material from the book, and mostly illustrate third-party scripting concepts.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

Third-party JavaScript

Install instructions

You'll need both Python and its packaging library, setuptools, in order to build and serve the example code. On OS X, these come pre-installed. On Windows? See Windows Instructions first.

  1. Install the Frozen-Flask Python package.

$ easy_install Frozen-Flask

  1. Build the source code examples:

$ python

  1. Add the following entries to your hosts file:
  1. Run the embedded server:

$ python

Once the server is running, access the examples through

Installing Python on Windows

Download and install Python 2.7.x from the Python download page.

Next, setuptools. Download and run the 2.7.x installer from:

Afterwards, you'll need to add both the Python directory (C:\Python27) and the scripts directory (C:\Python27\Scripts) to your PATH. To do this, go to My Computer ‣ Properties ‣ Advanced ‣ Environment Variables.

You should now be able to run the 'python' and 'easy_install' executables from the Windows shell. Success!

Need help?

Visit Manning's Author Online forums for this book: