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geomesa Project Structure

There are a few sub-projects which correspond to the main aims of this project.


This sub-project contains the code which runs remotely on the "cloud", in this case the Accumulo key-value store.

Changes here require that you upload the geomesa-distributed-runtime to the cloud (specifically, to the tablet servers' lib/ext directory). The other two projects also depend on this one, so depending on your change you will need to update them as well.

Scala console via scala-maven-plugin

Since it is reasonable to expect that a developer may wish to use/test core functions directly, the Scala console is spun into this project's pom.

You can invoke it one of two ways

From the root directory by specifying geomesa-core geomesa> mvn -pl geomesa-core scala:console

Or from the sub-project's directory geomesa-core> mvn scala:console

By default, all of the project packages in core are loaded along with JavaConversions, JavaConverters.


This sub-project assembled a jar with dependencies that must be distributed to Accumulo tablet servers lib/ext directory.


This sub-project creates a plugin which provides WFS and WMS support.

The JAR named geomesa-plugin--geoserver-plugin.jar is ready to be deployed in GeoServer by copying it into geoserver/WEB-INF/lib/


This sub-project stores our GeoHash implementation and other general library functions unrelated to Accumulo.

This sub-project contains any helper tools for geomesa. Some of these tools such as the GeneralShapefileIngest have Map/Reduce components, so the geomesa-utils JAR lives on HDFS.


This sub-project contains the distribution-ready TAR-ball as well as the documentation (in DocBook form, rendered to PDF).

Checkout out and build GeoMesa

  • Navigate to where you would like to download this project.
  • git clone

Building Instructions

This project is managed by Maven, and builds with the command

geomesa> mvn clean install

From the root directory, this builds each sub-project with its additional dependencies-included JAR.