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Create and share an Azure Machine Learning workspace

This menu links to topics that describe how to set up the various data science environments used by the Cortana Analytics Process (CAPS).

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To use Azure Machine Learning Studio, you need to have a Machine Learning workspace. This workspace contains the tools you need to create, manage, and publish experiments.

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To create a workspace

  1. Sign-in to the Microsoft Azure classic portal.

[AZURE.NOTE] To sign-in, you need to be an Azure subscription administrator. Being the owner of a Machine Learning workspace will not give you access to the Microsoft Azure classic portal. See Privileges of Azure subscription administrator and workspace owner for more details.

  1. In the Microsoft Azure services panel, click MACHINE LEARNING.

    Machine Learning service

  2. Click +NEW at the bottom of the window.


    Quick Create of new workspace

  4. Enter a WORKSPACE NAME for your workspace.

  5. Specify the Azure LOCATION, then enter an existing Azure STORAGE ACCOUNT or select Create a new storage account to create a new one.


After your Machine Learning workspace is created, you will see it listed on the machine learning page.

Sharing an Azure Machine Learning workspace

Once a Machine Learning workspace is created, you can invite users to your workspace and share access to your workspace and all of its experiments. We support two roles of users:

  • User - A workspace user can create, open, modify and delete datasets, experiments and web services in the workspace.
  • Owner - An owner can invite, remove, and list users with access to the workspace, in addition to what a user can do. He/she also have access to Notebooks.

To share a workspace

  1. Sign-in to Machine Learning Studio

  2. In the Machine Learning Studio panel, click SETTINGS

  3. Click USERS


    Invite more users

  5. Enter one or more email address. The user just need a valid Microsoft account (e.g., or an organizational account (from Azure Active Directory).

  6. Click the check button.

Each user you added will receive an email with instruction to log-in to the shared workspace.

For information about managing your workspace, see Manage an Azure Machine Learning workspace. If you encounter a problem creating your workspace, see Troubleshooting guide: Create and connect to an Machine Learning workspace.

Privileges of Azure subscription administrator and of workspace owner

Below is a table clarifying the difference between an Azure subscription administrator and a workspace owner.

Actions Azure subscription administrator Workspace owner
Access Microsoft Azure classic portal Yes No
Create a new workspace Yes No
Delete a workspace Yes No
Add endpoint to a web service Yes No
Delete endpoint from a web service Yes No
Change concurrency for a web service Yes No
Access Machine Learning Studio No * Yes

[AZURE.NOTE] * An Azure subscription administrator is automatically added to the the workspace he/she creates as workspace Owner. However, simply being an Azure subscription administrator doesn't grant him/her access to any workspace under that subscription.

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