Materials for the PostgreSQL hands-on class at NICAR 2018 in Chicago.
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PostgreSQL Hands-On · NICAR 2018 Chicago


In this session, we cover some lesser-known but incredibly useful features of PostgreSQL, a free, open-source relational database system named 2017 DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines. You’ll learn how to analyze spatial data with PostGIS, automate tasks with triggers, create functions (which can use languages such as Python and R), and discover PostgreSQL’s powerful full-text search engine.

This repo includes data, sample queries, and a PDF of slides. The material is drawn from the more advanced chapters of this author's book Practical SQL. You can find all the code examples and data for the book here.


  • A few basic queries
  • Stats functions
  • Spatial queries with PostGIS
  • Full-text search
  • Creating functions


If you're trying this at home, here's how to get rolling (you will need to have PostgreSQL installed, along with the PostGIS extension).

  • Download this repo to your computer.
  • To create tables and load data, execute the queries in the file pg_create_import.sql using pgAdmin, the psql command-line tool, or another GUI. Note that you will need to load a Census shapefile using a command-line utility noted at the end of the file.
  • You can then run the queries in pg_demo_queries.sql