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Fancy Fundraising - Wordpress Plugin

WP Fancy Fundraising

A Wordpress Plugin that allows you to easily create a good-looking donation experience on your website. This plugin creates a page template purpose-built for donation forms, and provides a series of styles and options to configure your experience. Visit our official website.

You can also create a simple Tally Bar to remind donors of your current tally, the remaining need, and prompt them to give.

In the future, this plugin will also provide more site-wide elements such as more complex live tallies, buttons, and more!

How to setup a donation form

To apply the Fancy Fundraising style to a donation form:

  1. Select the Fancy Fundraising template from a page's template drop-down
  • This template will completly overwrite your page's style with our own.
  • We provide a highly-configurable donation page, which is free from all distracting elements.
  • This is the perfect responsive canvas on which to build your donation form.
  • Template Selector Screenshot
  1. Configure the page's design via the Wordpress Customiser (found in the top Admin Bar or under the "Appearence" menu).
  • Confugure donation page elements such as colours and images
  • Force SSL on the page
  • Apply some common fixes to get the magic padlock to appear in your browser's address bar
  • Wordpress Customiser Screenshot

You can also set a featured image on each specific page and have it appear at the top of the donation page.

How to setup a Tally Bar

Tally Bar - Style 1 - Screenshot

To create a Tally Bar like the one above (using your own graphics, text and colours), embed the following shortcode in a page, post or HTML widget and customise the settings.

[fancyfundraising_tallybar1 min-height="150px" logo="/path/to/logo.png" bgimg="/path/to/background.jpg" bgcol="#694CC4" color="#AF0000" line1="Current Tally: {pftally_dollarscurrent} / {pftally_dollarsgoal}" line2="We Still Need Your Support! {pftally_dollarsremaining} to go!"]

You can embed other shortcodes within the attributes by replacing square brackets with curly brackets (e.g. replace [ with { within the attributes).

This Tally Bar is fully responsive, and embeds portions of the Zurb Foundation 6 framework in a special low-conflict mode.

Gravity Form Styling

We provide some commonly needed Gravity Form styling. These are applied by inserting classes into the form's editor.


You can set the form to display in either one, two or three column modes. To enable this

  1. Go to Form Settings > Form Settings
  2. Find the field "CSS Class Name"
  3. Add the class "two-column" or "three-column"
  4. Save your settings

Form Column Class - Setup Screenshot

To break the form into each column:

  1. Go to the Form Field Editor
  2. Add a 'Section Break' where you want each column to end
  3. Open the "Appearence" tab for the Section Break
  4. Add the column "gform_column"

Form Column Class - Setup Screenshot

Blocky Headings

Add the class "field-heading" to any form element to have it's label transformed into a nice big heading with a coloured background. You can also add a HTML Section with the same class and your text wrapped in a 'h3' tag.

Heading Class - Setup Screenshot

Big Option Buttons

If you want to turn radio buttons into big buttons, add the class "radio-button-buttons" to the radio button field.

Radio Button Buttons Class - Setup Screenshot