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Building Applications with React and Flux
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Building Applications with React and Flux

Thanks to

And Building Applications with Gulp React and Flux tutorial By Cory House. Thank you for saying on the discusion board, that I could do whatever I want to with the code. Truly appreciated Cory House.

Thanks for helping get the connection code going JBMartinez. Also the community support at

This version was built at I thank them for providing a excellent development environment.

This work is in no way complete. You may have difficulty with the install. There are many areas in which this can be expanded. Please join in and help if you want to. Thank you.

Once this is installed and running all you have to do is type gulp from the bash terminal.

Typing gulp will Compile React JSX, Lint JSX and JS with ESlint, Bundle your JS and CSS files, Migrate the built app to the dist folder, and run a dev web-server.

Following this may get your app dev environment started. After you have the files installed.

  1. Install from the bash terminal in cloud nine. npm install
  2. From the bash terminal in cloud nine type gulp.
  3. If everything went well the server should be running.
  4. In the C9 preview you should see the demo app running.
  5. Happy coding!

I believe some of the names used here are copy written. If any of these company's would like to have there name removed please contact me. And I will be happy to accommodate you. We are in no way affiliated just grateful and felt that thanks are in order.

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