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Anthony Green

Skype: anthonycgreen
Github: anthonygreen
Twitter: anthonycgreen


I am experienced delivery analyst with a holistic approach to product development that focuses on how organisations can synergize business analysis and systems thinking with the practices of software development that stem from agile and extreme programming.

I have been actively pursuing process improvement within the BBC for several years becoming one of Future Media's most vocal champions and pro-active educators on the subject of software delivery. I established the BBC Agile and Process Improvement Group, with the objective of modernising delivery across the division. The group has been the locus of various initiatives which have brought considerable value to the business, initiatives such as behavior driven development and continuous delivery. I was responsible for researching, authoring and evaluating a test strategy that unified development and testing into a single workflow and put the focus on establishing and delivering business value.

In addition to my regular analyst role I’ve been working with parts of the business that interface with Future Media to improve how they deliver services to our division, notably HR to establish stronger links with the wider agile and lean commmunity to improve their recruitment policies and with the BBC Academy to moderise their developer training programmes and course material.

In 2011 I received the BBC Future Media News and Knowledge Award for my work on the 'BBC News for Connected TV' product and in 2012 my contributions to Media Playout product delivery have been recognised with a BBC Future Media Launch It Award on three separate occasions.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Behaviour Driven Development, Cynefin, Software Craftsmanship, Extreme Programming.

Employment History

Media Playout - BBC Future Media

Working with the Media Playout team to understand their product delivery issues and make recommendations for improvements. After researching their entire process pipeline and team practices, I devised a series of strategies that led to direct improvements in their workflow, in everything from how they managed client relationships and planning, to the maturity of their development and testing practices.

iPlayer Desktop - BBC Future Media

Assisting the iPlayer Desktop team develop a better understanding of Behavior Driven Development and Agile Testing, and how to leverage it to develop successful software delivery patterns.

BBC News for Connected TV - BBC Future Media

On attachment to BBC Future Media News and Knowledge as part of the Test Discipline Lead's Developer-in-Test trial. I was tasked with assessing the viability and potential advantages of integrating the Developer-in-Test as a new role within BBC Future Media’s existing development community. I worked alongside a DiT to evaluate the impact of extreme programming practices such as test-driven development on the velocity of feature delivery and the predicability around releases. This work was followed up with an assessment of the best ways to grow such a skills base within the organization and devise an adoption plan to encourage other developers to integrate their current working practices with a test-driven approach.

Simultaneously I undertook the research and development of process improvement strategies around testing and QA looking at what techniques we could bring in from the wider community. I assisted the Test Discipline Lead with recruitment by co-authoring the Developers-in-Test job descriptions, evangalising our strategy amongst user groups and interviewing potential candidates.

BBC /music & BBC /programmes - Future Media and Technology

Working within the Future Media and Technology for Audio, Music and Mobile Interactive on their core foundation projects around the management and delivery of BBC metadata. Organising and managing the delivery of the tools and services built upon various technology platforms. Co-ordinating interdisciplinary teams with multiple skill sets to deliver world class products.

Investor Relations - Hemscott

I undertook the planning, development and maintenance of Investor Relations sites for Hemscott clients. This included organising and chairing regular meetings to review design briefs, discuss technical specifications, offer feedback on project plans, and to resolve issues that would otherwise result in delays to the release schedules.

Event Management - Rare Pleasures Music

Working as an event manager and tour agent I planned, booked and organised complex itineraries to ensure successful outcomes for a multiple business partners.


West Surrey College of Art and Design - BA Hons Fine Art

Other associations

  • BBC Future Media XP/Agile Group
  • eXtreme Tuesday Club