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A Python tool for migrating Yojimbo notes to the GNOME Tomboy desktop note-taking application
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Yojimbo to Tomboy migration tool

A Python tool for migrating Yojimbo notes to the GNOME Tomboy desktop note-taking application.

More information about why I created the tool.


This current version scrapes the content from Yojimbo's Sidekick export and converts the pages to Tomboy's XML format. Sidekick does not export all your Yojimbo note's metadata but you will be able to save the title and note body. Time permitting, I would like to find a way to save tag data in a future version.

Requirements, setup and usage

  • Python 2.7
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Grab the script files and install the required modules
  2. Follow the instructions to export your Sidekick pages from Yojimbo. Make sure the export worked and you can browse the pages through your web browser.
  3. Along with the Yojimbo2Tomboy script files, you'll fine a settings-template.yml. Rename it to settings.yml.
  4. In the settings.yml file, set the crawler:root_dir: setting to your Yojimbo Sidekick contents directory. For example, if you created Sidekick in /Users/username/Sites/Yojimbo, you'll need to set it to /Users/username/Sites/Yojimbo/contents. You might want to copy the contents folder to a temporary location and run the crawler there.
  5. In the settings.yml file, set the writer:export_dir: setting to the directory for the Tomboy notes files.



$ python

Copying to Tomboy

  1. Quit Tomboy if it's running.
  2. Copy the files in your export directory to Tomboy's notes directory. For example, in Linux mint you'll find it in `/home/username/.local/share/tomboy
  3. Restart Tomboy and you should see the Yojimbo notes organised in the YojimboSidekick notebook.

Thi script uses the same basename and the Yojimbo Sidekick HTML files. Tomboy uses a different naming convention so it's unlikely you'll encounter problems with overwriting any existing Tomboy notes.


Remember to backup your Tomboy notes and Yojimbo Sidekick content before running this tool.


Written by Anthony Lopez-Vito of Another Cup of Coffee Limited. All code is released under The MIT License. Please see LICENSE.txt.

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