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Personal Site

My personal website. Accessible here.

As my about page says, the original design of this site is lovingly cloned from Mor Naaman's site. The structure and coding was wonderful. The original repo for that project can be found here. Mor's site uses Gulp, which I am less familiar with. I also enjoy the functionality that the IDlab website (my advisor's lab!) has through Jekyll.

So I pulled Mor's formatting into Jekyll. I'll assume you've already set Ruby and Jekyll up (if you haven't refer to here or here).

Here's how to do it:

Clone the project

git clone

Set-up Jekyll

Wherever you set up that clone, navigate to it and run the following to set up Jekyll....

bundle install

...and run it on your virtual machine at http://localhost:4000.

bundle exec jekyll serve

Navigating to http://localhost:4000 should result in a lovely recreation of my site.

What matters in this repo?

The following files are important. They'll be the ones you want to change to make your site look more like you and less like me.

  • _data/news.yml and _data/publications.yml are data files that house my news and publications, respectively. Both have templates of the structure at the top that you can replicate.
  • _includes/head.html has the meta information for the site. You'll want to change my name.
  • /assets is where you'll want to house pictures, my CV, and publication PDFs (the last category lives in /assets/papers).
  • /js/main.js is where the CSS for the site is (see below for an explanation of my blasphemous web design choice here).
  • _config.yml has some information about the site in it that you'll want to adjust.
  • 404.html is a bit weird -- it has a standalone version of head.html in it (again, too lazy to figure out why that is). Anything you do to head.html, you'll want to do here as well. It also has a standalone version of the left side bar (the one with the picture). So adjust that if you adjust it in index.html.
  • index.html is where the magic happens. All three of my "pages" are housed in this file. The first div class="card" is the home page, the second is the "about me", and the third is the publications. Adjust with your own content.

A note about my CSS choices

In the switchover from Gulp based compiler to Jekyll, I was lazy. The css and scss files located in /css don't do anything. Ignore them.

Instead, the CSS is inconveniently housed in /js/main.js on line 83. In a more heavy duty production, this would be a nightmare. However, for a 4-5 page, mostly static site... idgaf. Do with this what you will (but if you have working knowledge of JS... which I don't... and happen to fix this so that it references a standalone CSS/SCSS file please do let me know).


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