True Ocean (Base16) Theme for Brackets
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True Ocean (Base16) Theme for Brackets

Attempting to be as close to Ocean as possible.

Please critique how I have implemented the colors, and offer suggestions as to how I can improve this theme. I would love to improve it in every way I can.

I do not claim credit for the color scheme - this is the work of Chris Kempson. I have simply made this color scheme a theme compatible with Brackets.

How to install

Open up Brackets. Click on File, then "Extension Manager...". Click over to the "Themes" tab at the top of the window that opens, and search for "True Ocean". You should see this theme as the result. Click Install. Close out of that window, and then in Brackets click View, then "Themes...". Here you can change your selected theme in the "Current Theme" dropdown. Select True Ocean and you're good to go!