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Deku is a library for rendering interfaces using pure functions and virtual DOM.

Instead of using classes and local state, Deku just uses functions and pushes the responsibility of all state management and side-effects onto tools like Redux. It also aims to support only modern browsers to keep things simple.

It can be used in place of libraries like React and works well with Redux and other libraries in the React ecosystem.

Deku consists of 5 modules packaged together for convenience:

  • element: Create virtual elements.
  • diff: Compute the difference between two virtual elements. You can use this if you're creating a custom renderer.
  • dom: Create DOM elements from virtual elements and update them using the result of a diff. You'll only use this directly if you're building your own app creator.
  • string: Render a HTML string from virtual elements.
  • createApp: Kickstart an app for the browser.


npm install --save deku

We support the latest two versions of each browser. This means we only support IE10+.

Sauce Test Status


/** @jsx element */
import {element, createApp} from 'deku'
import {createStore} from 'redux'
import reducer from './reducer'

// Dispatch an action when the button is clicked
let log = dispatch => event => {
    type: 'CLICKED'

// Define a state-less component
let MyButton = {
  render: ({ props, children, dispatch }) => {
    return <button onClick={log(dispatch)}>{children}</button>

// Create a Redux store to handle all UI actions and side-effects
let store = createStore(reducer)

// Create an app that can turn vnodes into real DOM elements
let render = createApp(document.body, store.dispatch)

// Update the page and add redux state to the context
  <MyButton>Hello World!</MyButton>,


You can read the documentation online.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 Anthony Short