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@@ -7,16 +7,15 @@ My OS X dotfiles.
### Prerequisites
* Git (1.7+)
-* Vim (7.3+) - I use MacVim installed with Homebrew
### Installation
-This will create symlinks for most of the files and the `vim` directory. The
+This will create symlinks for most of the files. The
`.gitconfig` file is copied to the HOME directory so that any private git
configuration taking place in `~/.extra` is not accidentally committed.
-git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
+git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
@@ -72,66 +71,14 @@ git config --global "$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME"
git config --global "$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL"
-Any special-case vim directives local to a machine should be stored in a
-`.vimrc.local` file on that machine. The directives will then be automatically
-imported into your master `.vimrc`.
## Custom bash prompt
-I use a custom bash prompt based on the Solarized color palette and influenced
-by @gf3's and @cowboy's custom prompts. Details are in the `bash_prompt` file.
+I use the [Solarized theme]( for the standard OSX terminal.
-## Adding new git submodules
-If you want to add more git submodules, e.g. vim plugins to be managed by
-pathogen, then follow these steps while in the root of the superproject.
-# Add the new submodule
-git submodule add git:// vim/bundle/one-submodule
-# Initialize the submodule
-git submodule init
-# Clone the submodule
-git submodule update
-# Stage the changes
-git add vim/bundle/one-submodule
-# Commit the changes
-git commit -m "Add a new submodule: one-submodule"
-## Updating git submodules
-Updating individual submodules within the superproject:
-# Change to the submodule directory
-cd vim/bundle/one-submodule
-# Checkout the desired branch (of the submodule)
-git checkout master
-# Pull from the tip of master (of the submodule - could be any sha or pointer)
-git pull origin master
-# Go back to main dotfiles repo root
-cd ../../..
-# Stage the submodule changes
-git add vim/bundle/one-submodule
-# Commit the submodule changes
-git commit -m "Update submodule 'one-submodule' to the latest version"
-# Push to a remote repository
-git push origin master
-Now, if anyone updates their local repository from the remote repository, then
-using `git submodule update` will update the submodules (that have been
-initialized) in their local repository. N.B This will wipe away any local
-changes made to those submodules.
## Acknowledgements

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