Light chases from side to side, stop the light when it is in the middle and win. Speed picks up with each round. My first crack at an arduino, lots of fun, the kids enjoyed it too.
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Arduino Light Game

This is a simple arduino light game that was actually my first forray into the arduino, it was a blast. I kind of just rushed through it, not much in the way of commenting, a few hard coded values, you get the idea. I didnt anticipate sharing it when I wrote it so excuse the clutter. Feel free to play with it.


Place LED's on pins 9-13 (see the blinking LED example for examples on hooking up an LED) On pin 7 hook up a button. Copy and paste the code and send it up to the arduino.


The lights will flash from left to right very slowly. (ala the knight rider car) When the light reaches the middle (pin11) press the button. If you stop in the middle the light will flash and the speed of the light will increase. See how many times in a row you can catch the middle LED. If you miss the light will flash and the speed will be reset.


Feel free to send over any pull requests for enhancements to the program. Perhaps someday I will tie in an LCD to display your progress.