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Russian Anticensorship on PAC-Scripts

This repo contains a chrome extension to bypass censorship in Russia: WebStore | Sources.
This extension uses pac scripts, one of which (anticensority) is generated by this pac-generator.

Install / Установка

  1. Chrome Web Store
  2. Chrome Web Store (MINI)
  3. Microsoft Edge Add-ons
  4. Microsoft Edge Add-ons (MINI)
  5. FireFox Add-ons (Beta)

Why I do This

I believe information mustn't be blocked based on political or other subjective views.

My maxim is "Your freedom ends when it starts to confine the freedom of others".

See my other arguments against censorship (ru)

Looking at how Russian government distorts TV and blocks critics of Putin, I decided to write an anticensorship extension for Chromium before they strike me first.

How it Works

  1. PAC script is a JavaScript file, triggered on every URL request, which says browser which proxy to use if any for this particular URL.
  2. The Chrome Extension sets PAC script in browser settings and keeps it synced with PAC script on the server (offering Antizapret (hosted on a dedicated server) or Anticensority (hosted on GitHub)).
  3. On every request PAC script checks if host is blocked or if its IP is blocked.
  4. If address is blocked PAC script returns proxy server to the browser. Antizapret PAC-script uses its own proxy servers and Anticensority PAC-script uses local Tor.
  5. PAC scripts on servers are updated periodically from


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