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Antico is a Qt4/X11 Desktop/Window Manager.
The goal is to create a Window/Desktop manager simple and fast. All parameters must be configured from few files, avoiding unnecessary complications, following the K.I.S.S. philosophy.
The whole project is be based only on Qt4 libraries, without any other external dependencies (e.g. kdelibs ...). 


The whole application is based on "antico.cfg" file.
Only two frame button: top right button to close, top left button to iconize (left mouse button) and maximize (right mouse button).
Menu applications can be added and removed from "Manager" panel.
Frame border dimension, color, pixmap, desk wallpaper managed from "Manager" panel.
The style is selected from Manager and save in a xxx.stl file: if you want to share your personal style, save the directory and send it ...
General style (Oxygen, Plastique ..), fonts family and size, window background etc. can be selected from "qtconfig".
Add links to filesystem directory/file/application with right mouse button (double click to open the link and right mouse button to delete it).
Dockicon added to Dockbar deleted with right mouse button or added to System Tray.
Category apps menu on Launcher/Dockbar.
See "git commits" on repository ...


- on first installation: "git clone git://github.com/antico/antico.git"
- to update your local repository: "git pull"

To compile, enter in "Antico" dir (where is the antico.pro) and type on shell:
"qmake" (or qmake-qt4)
To install, type on shell (as root):
"sh install"
To run the window manager:
- from KDM/GMD, select "Antico" from WM list
- from shell, type "xinit /path/to/antico/bin" (first "pkill" kdm/gdm and X)
To uninstall, type on shell (as root):
"sh uninstall"
To init the WM, just delete the "antico.cfg".

To test the window manager, type on shell:

Xephyr :1 -ac -screen 1024x768 & DISPLAY=:1; $HOME/antico/antico

(where 1024x768 is your preferred screen size and $HOME if you have download Antico in user home)
To hide debug messages, uncomment in antico.pro
Add your language in "antico.pro";
Type on shell "lupdate antico.pro";
Run "linguistic" and make your language translation;
Type on shell "lrelease antico.pro".
Your language.qm (e.g. it_IT.qm) should be in /language dir.
Check debug msg. at startup for control.

Use "qtconfig" to select your preferred style (Oxygen, Plastique), fonts, effects, etc.

Cause there isn't a respected standard in distro world :-(, the .desktop file is searched in /usr/share and the Trash in $HOME/.local/share

- Alexander Linden for QLWM (http://qlwm.get.to) from where I was inspired... and for his help;
- Ian Reinhart Geiser for his helpful patch;
- Franz Fellner for his code debug;
- Ayoy for Polish translation;
- Disels for Russian translation;
- Jiri Popek for Czech translation;
- Thomas Rauch for German translation;
- Elega for Spanish translation;
- Me for Italian translation :-)