Antidot implementations of R2RML and Direct Mapping specifications
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DB2Triples - RDB2RDF Antidot implementation
LGPL Licence 2.1

References : W3C Working Drafts 29 May 2012
- R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language (
- A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF (

Using the library when building a Maven project

db2triples is available on Maven Central Repository. Update your Maven "pom.xml":

Using the jar file directly

** Getting the jar **
All the jars of all versions can be found on the Maven Central Repository:|ga|1|db2triples
** Needed dependency **

OpenRdf Sesame > 2.6.x -
Commons-cli > 1.2 -
Commons-logging > 1.1.1 -

** Tested JDBC connectors **

MySQL Connector > 5.1.15 - 
PostgreSQL Connector > 9.1-901 -

** Command line **

According your classpath has the links to all the preceding jars and the 
"db2triples-<version number>.jar", you can launch the lib as follow :

- To call Db2triples :

Building your own jar

To build DB2Triples jar, you need to use Maven (
which will provide to you all the necessary package to compile. The classical
way is the command:

mvn package

This will provide a file "db2triples-<version number>.jar" in the "target"
directory according to default configuration of Maven.

Execute the jar

You can also compile and execute directly the jar from Maven build.
This operation requires to copy dependencies into working folder.

Use following commands :

mvn dependency:copy-dependencies

java -cp target/dependency/*.jar:target/db2triples-<version number>.jar <main function>