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+This is a simple plugin for Art of Illusion. Also, it serves as an example for how to embed clojure in a large java system.
+= How to build =
+You'll need:
+* Art of Illusion
+* Emacs and these packages:
+** Slime (
+** Clojure-mode (
+** Swank-clojure (
+To build the plugin, follow these steps:
+1. Download Art of Illusion and install it somewhere.
+1. Edit to reflect the directory where you installed Art of Illusion. There should be a file called aoidir/ArtOfIllusion.jar.
+1. Type "ant" on the root directory and you'll get a file called Plugins/SwankRepl.jar
+1. Symlink this file to your Art of Illusion Plugins/ dir.
+1. Start AoI, and in Tools, select "Start Swank REPL". This will open a swank listener port on localhost:4006. You can M-x slime-connect to this port from emacs and then drive Art of Illusion. Yay!

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