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Commits on Mar 31, 2009
  1. Add roll curve polygon.

    antifuchs committed Mar 31, 2009
Commits on Mar 30, 2009
  1. Fix syntax for specifying cubes and cylinders: No need to use {} for …

    antifuchs committed Mar 30, 2009
    …kw args anymore.
    This should make it easier to show this syntax to others (-:
  2. Make (relative / absolute) originate and orient macros, use them for …

    antifuchs committed Mar 30, 2009
    This should make the example easier to read:
    * Fewer 90 0 0 rotations: Need to do this just once for the cylinders.
    * Rework the make-cs and csg-object functions to actually work: No longer 
      accumulate transformations as we generate a csg object.
  3. Add clojure-contrib

    antifuchs committed Mar 30, 2009
Commits on Mar 27, 2009
  1. Add CSG binary operations: union, intersection, difference.

    antifuchs committed Mar 27, 2009
    I now should be able to render my dishwasher spare part! YAY!
  2. Add object manipulation routines, and a primitive way to insert objec…

    antifuchs committed Mar 27, 2009
    …ts into a window.
    * Import .object into .repl for easy access to stuff in slime.
    * Let me use add-objects and (undocumented) object specs to insert some into an 
      AoI window for lulz.
  3. Make a really minimal version of this plugin for blogging purposes

    antifuchs committed Mar 27, 2009
    * Extract window lookup code to org.reprap.artofillusion.repl.
    * Require the correct parts to make loading work reliably.
Commits on Mar 26, 2009
Commits on Mar 25, 2009
  1. Add a readme (-:

    antifuchs committed Mar 25, 2009