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(in-package #:cxml-rpc)
(defun report-error (fault-code fault-text)
(values t
`(("faultCode" :integer ,fault-code)
("faultString" :string ,fault-text))
(defvar *current-tag*)
(defun cxml-rpc-method-handler (tag)
((dispatch ()
(unless (eql (hunchentoot:request-method*) :post)
(error "Method must be POST"))
(let ((stream (hunchentoot:raw-post-data :force-binary t))
(*current-tag* tag))
(multiple-value-bind (method-name param-types params)
(decode-method-call stream)
(setf (hunchentoot:content-type) "text/xml")
(invoke-method method-name param-types params)))))
(defun encode-response (octetp faultp object &optional
(type (dwim-type-for object)))
(cxml:with-xml-output (funcall (if octetp
:indentation nil :canonical nil)
(with-element "methodResponse"
(if faultp
(with-element "fault"
(encode-value type object))
(with-element "params"
(encode-param type object))))))
;;; capabilities as per
;;; <URL:>:
(defun system-capabilities ()
"Returns a structural representation of the capabilities that this
xml-rpc implementation supports."
(values '((
:struct (("specUrl" :string "")
("specVersion" :string "6/30/03 DW")))
:struct (("specUrl"
("specVersion" :string "1")))
("specVersion" :string "20010516"))))
;;; user-defined methods
(defvar *user-defined-methods* (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
"Methods stored under the key (handler-tag . \"method-name\").")
(defvar *user-defined-method-signatures* (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
"Method signatures stored under the key (handler-tag . \"method-name\").")
(defun ensure-xrpc-method (handler-tag name signature documentation function)
(setf (gethash (cons handler-tag name) *user-defined-methods*)
(gethash (cons handler-tag name) *user-defined-method-signatures*)
(setf (documentation function t) documentation)
(defparameter *system-methods*
'(("system.listMethods" system-list-methods
("system.methodSignature" system-method-signature
(:struct :string))
("system.methodHelp" system-method-help
(:string :string))
("system.getCapabilities" system-capabilities
(defun lookup-method (handler-tag method-name)
(or (second (assoc method-name *system-methods* :test #'equal))
(gethash (cons handler-tag method-name) *user-defined-methods*)
(error 'method-not-found :name method-name :tag handler-tag)))
(defun fix-method-signature (signature)
(append (butlast signature) (cons (car (last signature)) nil)))
(defun lookup-method-signature (handler-tag method-name &key fixup-p)
(or (third (assoc method-name *system-methods* :test #'equal))
(funcall (if fixup-p
(gethash (cons handler-tag method-name)
(error 'method-not-found :name method-name :tag handler-tag)))
(defun signature-arg-count (signature)
(loop for (elt . rest) on signature
count elt into result
if (numberp rest)
do (return (values result (+ rest result)))
else if (eql rest t)
do (return (values result nil))
finally (return (values result result))))
(defun check-method-signature-for-invocation (param-types signature/return
&aux (signature
(cdr signature/return)))
(multiple-value-bind (minimum maximum) (signature-arg-count signature)
(unless (<= minimum (length param-types)
(or maximum (1+ (max minimum (length param-types)))))
(error 'method-arg-count-mismatch
:expected-max (or maximum "infinite") :expected-min minimum
:got (length param-types))))
(loop for (param-type . rem-params) on param-types
for (sig-type . rem-signature) on signature
for position from 0
unless (eql param-type sig-type)
do (error 'method-arg-type-mismatch
:position position :expected sig-type :got param-type)))
(defun invoke-method (method-name param-types params
&key (octetp t) ((:tag *current-tag*) *current-tag*))
(multiple-value-call #'encode-response
param-types (lookup-method-signature *current-tag* method-name))
(multiple-value-call #'values
nil (apply (lookup-method *current-tag* method-name) params)))
;; error codes from
(method-not-found (c)
(report-error -32601 (princ-to-string c)))
(method-arg-type-mismatch (c)
(report-error -32602 (princ-to-string c)))
(method-arg-count-mismatch (c)
(report-error -32602 (princ-to-string c)))
(program-error (c)
(report-error -32603 (princ-to-string c)))
(klacks::klacks-error (c) ; doesn't seem to be defined?
(report-error -32700
(format nil "Parse error from klacks: ~A" c)))
(error (c)
(report-error -32500 (princ-to-string c))))))
(defmacro define-xrpc-method ((name handler-tag) (&rest args) (&rest signature)
&body optional-docstring-and-body)
(let* ((docstring (if (and (stringp (first optional-docstring-and-body))
(rest optional-docstring-and-body))
(first optional-docstring-and-body)
(body (if docstring
(rest optional-docstring-and-body)
(when (member-if (lambda (arg)
(member arg '(&key &allow-other-keyss)))
(error "Only &aux, &optional and &rest arguments are allowed"))
(let ((req-args 0) optional-args)
(dolist (arg args)
(case arg
(&optional (setf optional-args 0))
(&rest (setf optional-args t)
(&aux (return))
(t (if optional-args
(incf optional-args)
(incf req-args)))))
(when (/= (1+ req-args) (length signature))
(warn "Signature doesn't match the required arguments ~
(plus return type)"))
`(ensure-xrpc-method ',handler-tag ',name
',(append signature optional-args)
',docstring (lambda (,@args) ,@body)))))
;;; introspection per <URL:>:
(defun system-list-methods ()
"Lists the methods that are defined on this server."
;; TODO: list non-system methods
(values (append (mapcar #'car *system-methods*)
(loop for (tag . name) being the hash-keys
of *user-defined-methods*
when (equal tag *current-tag*)
collect name))
(defun system-method-signature (method-name)
"Returns an array of method signatures (arrays of strings listing first the
return type, then the argument types)."
;; TODO: user-def methods.
(mapcar #'xmlrpc-type-tag
(lookup-method-signature *current-tag* method-name :fixup-p t))
(defun system-method-help (method-name)
"Returns a method's documentation as an XML-RPC string."
(values (or (documentation (lookup-method *current-tag* method-name)
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