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Ergonomic output for your go test results in emacs
Emacs Lisp
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gotest-ui-mode - ergonomic display for your go test results in Emacs

With the introduction of go test -json in go 1.10, it's finally possible to make reasonable front-ends for running go tests, and emacs is right here at the vanguard! This is, at heart, a mode for running go test, and it does a bunch of things better than just running them on the console. gotest-ui-mode:

  • Shows the overall test status - pass or fail for the entire suite is displayed on the first line.

  • Shows you the failing test cases at the very top, so you can start debugging any test failures even while your test suite is running.

  • Has all tests' output available, folded away - and failing test cases' output is unfurled as soon as they fail.

  • Deals with compiler errors when you invoke the project-wide test suite: packages that fail to compile appear just like regular compiler errors do, not buried in the middle of test output.

All that with link-ified file.go:line references, so you can quickly jump to the cause of failures.


This package isn't yet available on melpa, but you can install it via straight quite easily:

 `(gotest-ui-mode :type git :repo ""))


gotest-ui-mode is strongly inspired by gotest.el, and so it exports the following interactive functions for running tests:

  • gotest-ui-current-test - runs the test function under (point)

  • gotest-ui-current-file - runs all test functions in the current file, or in the "test file next door" - if you are in foo.go and there's a foo_test.go, it'll run all the test functions in that file.

  • gotest-ui-current-project - runs all tests in the current project.

Each of these functions pops up a buffer with the test status. Inside that buffer, you can do the following things:

  • Hitting TAB on top of a test or package entry folds / unfolds its output.

  • Clicking file.go:NNN links takes you to that file/line location.

Get involved!

I really hope you find this emacs mode useful! If you do, I'd love if you contribute back, in whichever way you can - be it docs, code, or bug reports! Please see for details!

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