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;;;; decode.lisp - decode IDNA punycode into unicode strings
;;; Again, an almost-literal translation of the javascript IDN state
;;; machine implementation from
(in-package #:idna)
(defun decode-digit (cp)
(cond ((< (- cp 48) 10) (- cp 22))
((< (- cp 65) 26) (- cp 65))
((< (- cp 97) 26) (- cp 97))
(t +base+)
(defun punycode-decode (input &key preserve-case)
(declare (optimize debug))
(let ((output nil)
(output-length 0)
(case-flags (make-array (length input) :initial-element nil))
(n +initial-n+)
(i 0)
(bias +initial-bias+)
(basic (or (position +delimiter+ input :from-end t)
(oldi 0))
(when preserve-case
(error "preserve-case is currently broken )-:"))
(loop for j from 0 below basic
for char across input
for char-code = (char-code char)
do (when preserve-case
(setf (aref case-flags output-length)
(< (- char-code 65)
(when (>= char-code #x80)
(error "Invalid input ~x >=#x80" char-code))
(setf output (nconc output (list char-code)))
(incf output-length))
;; Main decoding loop: Start just after the last delimiter if any
;; basic code points were copied; start at beginning otherwise.
(loop with ic = (if (zerop basic) 0 (1+ basic))
with out = 0
while (< ic (length input))
;; ic is the index of the next character to be consumed.
;; Decode a generalized variable-length integer into delta,
;; which gets added to i. The overflow checking is easier if
;; we increase i as we go, then subtract off its starting
;; value at the end to obtain delta.
do (setf oldi i)
(loop with w = 1
with digit
with tee
for k from +base+ by +base+
(assert (< ic (length input)) () "punycode_bad_input(1)")
(setf digit (decode-digit (char-code (aref input ic))))
(incf ic)
(setf tee (cond
((<= k bias) +tmin+)
((>= k (+ bias +tmax+)) +tmax+)
(t (- k bias))))
(assert (< digit +base+) () "punycode_bad_input(2)")
(assert (< digit (truncate (- +maxint+ i) w)) () "punycode_overflow(1)")
(incf i (* digit w))
(when (< digit tee) (return))
(assert (<= w (truncate +maxint+ (- +base+ tee))) () "punycode_overflow(2)")
(setf w (* w (- +base+ tee))))
(setf out (1+ output-length))
(setf bias (adapt (- i oldi) out (zerop oldi)))
;; i was supposed to wrap around from out to 0,
;; incrementing n each time, so we'll fix that now:
(assert (< (truncate i out) (- +maxint+ n)) () "punycode_overflow(3)")
(incf n (truncate i out))
(setf i (rem i out))
;; case of last character determines uppercase flag:
(when preserve-case
(setf case-flags (nconc (subseq case-flags 0 i)
(list (< (- (char-code (aref input (1- ic))) 65)
(subseq case-flags i))))
(setf output (nconc (subseq output 0 i) (list n) (subseq output i)))
(incf output-length)
(incf i))
(when preserve-case
(loop with len = output-length
for i from 0 below len
do (when (elt case-flags i)
(setf (aref output i)
(char-code (char-upcase (code-char (aref output i))))))))
(map 'string #'code-char output)))
(defun to-unicode (string)
"Encode string from IDNA punycode format using the ToUnicode algorithm."
(with-output-to-string (output)
(loop for (component . rest) on (split-sequence:split-sequence #\. string)
for decoded = (if (eql 4 (mismatch "xn--" component))
(punycode-decode (subseq component 4) :preserve-case nil)
do (write-string decoded output)
(when rest (write-char #\. output)))))
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